Angel Alliance

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Fight evil, save Angels, and be a hero in this browser-based MMO.

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Publisher: Kabam
Playerbase: High
Graphics: High
Type: Turn-Based Browser MMORPG
EXP Rate: High
PvP: Yes
Filesize: Browser

Pros: +Wide variety of MMO features. +Beautiful art. +PvP Has Level Matching. +Nice Crafting Systems.

Cons: -Messy Interface. -Automated Combat. -Few selectable classes.

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Angel Alliance Overview

This land was once a peaceful place, known for its beauty and splendor. It was safe too, protected by powerful beings some call the Angels. Until one day, when the evil Suurde hatched a plan that would alter the course of history. He stole the seal of the Angels, taking with it their powers, and then began to hunt them, one by one. Now humanity must stand up to protect and restore the League they once relied on for safety, for thousands of years, and restore them to their former strength.

Take up the role of humanity, and destroy the evil forces of Suurde! On your journey you must seek out and assist the once powerful Angels, beautiful beings who can offer you special boons and attacks for your party in a unique battle system. Choose your guardian angel wisely!

Angel Alliance features a variety of features including mini-games, single-player content, an arena mode, and rogue-like dungeons.

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