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Achaea is a text-based MUD that offers players countless possibilities. Choose from one of 12 races, and select one of 17 classes. There are hundreds of skills to choose from, allowing you to customize your abilities appropriately. Achaea features a complex political and economic system, a strong backstory, and the freedom to roleplay however you desire. Explore the massive lands with no level cap, and carve your own adventure!

53432  320x240 achaea tsolaa sentinel

Publisher: Iron Realms Entertainment
Playerbase: Medium
Graphics: N/A
EXP Rate: ??
PvP: Yes
Filesize: N/A

Pros: +High number of races, classes, and abilities. +Immersive storyline and roleplay. +Large amounts of traits and skills to choose from.

Cons: -Text-based may turn players away. -Limited graphical interface. -Niche gameplay.

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Achaea Overview

Achaea is an old-school MUD with limited graphics and text based gameplay. You can choose a character from one of 12 races and 17 classes. You’re free to change your class at any point if you do not raise it above a certain level, letting you experience the game how you want. There are over 70 different traits to choose from, which have varying effects on your character. The game features an in-depth political system, as well as a comprehensive economy. Achaea offers players giant world to explore and discover.

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Achaea Review

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System Requirements

Achaea System Requirements

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