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WolfTeam Reloaded Announced
WolfTeam Reloaded Main Image

WolfTeam, the high-octane sci-fi MMOFPS from Aeria Games, has just relaunched as WolfTeam Reloaded! To celebrate, Aeria Games is giving away special in-game items and holding weekly Playtime events to reward players with awesome gear. As part of the relaunch, WolfTeam’s servers have been updated and merged so that players will have an easier time finding matches, engaging in events, and putting their clans to the test with more competitive gameplay than ever before. A brand new competitive event system is waiting for players and their clans.

WolfTeam Reloaded is a unique, futuristic, free-to-play first-person shooter in which players have the ability to transform between Humans and Werewolves. Humans have a vast assortment of weapons at their disposal, giving them an advantage at a distance. Wolves have limited ranged attacks but are much faster, stronger, and more resilient than their human counterparts.

Players can look forward to entering battle with new, free permanent items including B Parts Armor Sets for the Duane Eddy and William Kroll characters and a SZ-550 Wolf Rifle, as well as two limited-time items – Magnum G Pistol and Dragon Axe melee weapon — all in conjunction with the game’s relaunch. In addition, weekly in-game events will reward players with powerful equipment, fan-favorite characters, and a variety of weapons and armor.

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  • yakky

    If you are looking for competitive gameplay and a reasonable balanced MMO/FPS this is NOT the game for you. The content and gameplay in its core is great but further development made the game incredibly unbalanced and pay to win.

  • Johnny Edgly

    DO NOT play this game unless you have more than 200 USD ready to spend in the game. It is incredibly unbalanced, and you will keep getting spawn killed/ 1 hit killed as a new player. It may be enjoyable if you have spent money to rent items in the game, however, if you do not have 200 USD to throw away, I would recommend you do not play this game. Cash items are incredibly overpowered, and F2P players do not stand a chance. Play at your own risk.