Warframe Gets New Look, Archwing Hits Consoles

Posted by Jaime Skelton On November - 20 - 2014
Digital Extremes continues to set the example for AAA quality in Free-to-Play with the release of an extensive new update for its hit sci-fi action game, Warframe®. The new console update titled ‘Archwing’ gives players a whole new way to play Warframe and will be released Thursday, Nov. 20th at 1 PM EST. Players will also notice a distinct new look to Warframe upon download. Putting the ‘space’ in ‘space ninja’, new Archwing technology allows players to fly freely through space without...

Shards Online Hits New Kickstarter Goal

Posted by Jaime Skelton On November - 20 - 2014
Yesterday, Shards Online hit their main goal for their second Kickstarter project, one of the hottest projects right now (according to Kicktraq.) The team has now posted new stretch goals, which will be features crammed into alpha rather than promised at release. They include roleplayer emotes and animations, fishing, story creation tools, and an additional map. Project Lead Derek Brinkmann says, “If Ultima Online and Neverwinter Nights had a love child, Shards Online would be the result....

PlanetSide 2 Commemorates Two Years of Epic Battles

Posted by Jaime Skelton On November - 20 - 2014
Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) today celebrates the second anniversary of its critically acclaimed free-to-play massively multiplayer online first-person shooter (MMOFPS), PlanetSide®2. Since its launch in November 2012, millions of players worldwide have pledged their allegiance to one of three Empires – Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty or New Conglomerate, bravely fighting in massive battles on the war-torn planet of Auraxis. YEAR 2 HIGHLIGHTS: PlanetSide 2 development continued to...

Hero Commander Introduces Auto-pathing

Posted by Mikedot On November - 20 - 2014
New from GTArcade: Ruin mode in Hero Commander is a giant battlefield where players can spend lots of time moving from one place to the next. To solve this problem and make players feel more relaxed while playing, we are pleased to announce that auto-pathing is here! Whether a player wants to fight against the enemy or protect its camps, all you have to do is set your preferred routes! Double-Click to Auto-Path Once the auto-path is set, it will no longer be a problem to move a long distance within...

Two GTArcade games hosting “Wings of Love” event

Posted by Mikedot On November - 20 - 2014
New from GTArcade, they have released a new event for their browser-based MMORPG: Knight’s Fable and League of Angels , one of the free to play RPG games, released a new pair of wings in-game last week. They are called the wings of love. With a bright red color and the shape of a heart, the wings symbolize show the real affection we feel towards our player. The wings of love actually do have a special meaning. The slogan for it is: “Give a child wings of hope! Collect your wings of love!” As...

Gloria Victis: End of Year Updates

Posted by Mikedot On November - 20 - 2014
Straight from the Gloria Vicitis team, they’ve updated their main page with some new details regarding the current state of their sandbox MMORPG: During the last months Gloria Victis development was focused mostly on polishing the core gameplay mechanisms and increasing the game’s performance to allow lifting the NDA off. Now, as the most of the fundamental systems have been implemented and polished, is the time to extend the gameplay and game’s content. The most important feature of the...
Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development Studio today released a new developer diary video for Hearts of Iron IV, the upcoming World War II strategy game for Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. The video features a visit to the “Arsenalen” museum of military vehicles in Sweden, where Hearts of Iron IV’s Project Lead, Dan Lind, invites eager commanders to join him on a tour of how different tanks were used to turn the tide of war – and how different nations pursued tactics of quality vs. quantity. This...

Heroes Charge Serves Up a Thanksgiving Blitz

Posted by Mikedot On November - 20 - 2014
As the turkey roasts in the oven and marshmallows melt into pumpkin pies, Menlo Park indie publisher uCool is inviting fans of its hit free-to-play mobile MOBA RPG CCG, Heroes Charge to drop in on its Facebook wall for a Thanksgiving Blitz throughout the long holiday weekend where devs will be sharing winning card strategies, giving out valuable rewards, and providing deep dives on November’s thrilling new heroes, guild raid chapters, and fan-requested features. The action-packed events calendar...

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