ArcheAge: Conquest of Auroria Begins this November

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
Trion has announced to its ArcheAge players that the northern continent of Auroria will become available in a huge update, slated to launch on November 4. Here’s the details they revealed. Claim and Conquer Six new zones will open with the launch of Auroria and four will be available for a guild to claim and rule from the safety of their player-built castle. 30% more housing space will be available to players throughout these four claimable zones. To claim one of the new zones, a guild leader...

Worlds of Magic Adds New Race, Champions, and More

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
After a month since the initial Steam Early Access release Worlds of Magic – the 4X turn-based strategy game, has just been updated with a brand new race, unique adventurers that you can use to lead your armies and a completely new world with its unique features, resources and creatures. All available at once in a big update that has been just added to the game on Steam. It’s been an extremely busy month for Wastelands Interactive – the team behind Worlds of Magic. After the release...

Final Fantasy XIV: New Screens for 2.4, Dreams Of Ice

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
Four new screens are now available from FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.4 Update – Dreams Of Ice – in advance of a new trailer, revealed tomorrow. These screens show what players can expect when they face The Final Coil of Bahamut later this month…

IDC/Games to Publish MMO CCG Berserk: The Cataclysm in the West

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
Publisher IDC/Games and developer Bytex Games announce today the signing of an exclusive license agreement whereby IDC/Games will launch ‘Berserk: The Cataclysm’ throughout Western Markets. IDC/Games starts a new international adventure to launch the game in multiple languages. The game launch will be performed by stages defined by market Tiers. The first launch phase is expected to take place this summer and will target players residing in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy,...

Tiny Realms Engages in Global Warfare from Today on iPhone and iPad

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
From today real-time strategy fans can engage in fantasy warfare on a global scale as Tiny Realms launches throughout North America, Europe and other territories for iOS devices. Tiny Realms includes a completely unique game mode called Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a modern take on classic strategy board games mixed with the latest in online mobile games technology. Now strategy game fans around the world can fight and collaborate with each other as they battle for domination of the Realm of...

Pre-Order Bonus for Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault Announced

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
SEGA® of America, Inc. and SEGA® Europe Ltd. today announced a pre-order incentive for Company of Heroes 2™: Ardennes Assault consisting of an all-new Company known as “Fox” Company. This band of Rangers is led by Captain Monte Durante and sits alongside the three Companies already included in the game; Airborne, Support and Mechanized. Players can choose up to three Companies on a campaign play-through; each with its own unique play style, specializations, abilities and Officer.   Captain...

Camelot Unchained Alpha Smoother than Expected

Posted by DizzyPW On October - 16 - 2014
Yesterday marked the initial alpha test for backers of CityState Entertainment’s Kickstarter success, Camelot Unchained. And while we’re under embargo from speaking on our personal experience in the alpha, the team has released some stats showcasing the surprising smoothness of how this test went. The servers managed to host 150 players from all around the world in a small 400×400 map for hours without server slowdowns. No crashes were experienced during the day either, despite...

Kabam and WBIE Launch The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-Earth

Posted by Jaime Skelton On October - 16 - 2014
Kabam, the leader in the western world for free-to-play games for traditional players together with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, today released The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth, an all-new role playing and character collection game featuring beloved characters from The Lord of the Rings. The game is now available for free download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices on the App Store and for Android devices from Google Play. “The Lord of the Rings: Legends of Middle-earth...

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