Rainbow Saga – Fantasy Action MMO’s World Revealed

Posted by Mikedot On September - 19 - 2014
NGames, a leading online games publisher, has today revealed first details of the colourful world of new free-to-play, hack-n-slash, fantasy action MMO, Rainbow Saga Launching this September on the portal, Rainbow Saga is an arcade-style 2D fantasy browser-based game packed with anime-style characters, stunning scenery, and a compelling world brimming with adventure. Players journey across the colorful Troonmill continent as they fight to protect the sacred land from the evil Demon Lord....

Tanki Online inspires players to create amazing fan-art

Posted by Mikedot On September - 19 - 2014
Tanki Online fuels excitement and adrenaline among players with its fast paced action filled gameplay and intense battles. But beyond the arenas, many players are taking Tanki Online to a whole new level with their artistic skills across all media. And everyone is invited to contribute and have fun. A community of talented artists has formed, with groups competing against one another to produce the best drawings, models, artwork and videos. One of the most prominent groups within the community is...

Wakfu – Now Available on Steam in Multiple Languages

Posted by Mikedot On September - 19 - 2014
ANKAMA today announces that the MMORPG WAKFU is now available on STEAM in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Thai. WAKFU was first released in 2012 and rapidly developed a loyal global following that is still growing today. The anime-style universe of WAKFU is infused throughout with humor, from the charming interactions to its tactical combat, belying the complex political and economic systems at its heart. The game receives content updates every 2 months in average and is subscription...

Zombies Monsters Robots: Now Available on Steam

Posted by Mikedot On September - 19 - 2014
En Masse Entertainment, a player driven publisher focused on delivering great games and exceptional service, today announced the launch of the Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) on Steam, making the over-the-top, anything goes, third-person shooter available to over 75 million active players. This significant milestone follows a successful Open Beta in addition to several major content updates such as Mercs vs. Monsters, Mummy See Mummy Doom, and Threshold Defense introducing new gameplay modes, maps,...

Space Engineers Creators Launch New Affiliate Program

Posted by Mikedot On September - 19 - 2014
Keen Software House, an independent development studio based in Prague and creators of the PC hit Space Engineers, has launched a new “affiliate program” for fans, that will allow the community to share in the runaway success of the Company’s games. In addition, Keen has redesigned and re-launched the Company’s e-shop, bringing a fresh look and a fan-friendly experience to purchasing directly from the developer. NEW AFFILIATE PROGRAM The new Keen Software House Affiliate Program allows those...

BlizzCon 2014’s Championships to be held at Burbank Studios

Posted by Mikedot On September - 19 - 2014
ESL TV Studios and Anaheim Convention Center to host Blizzard Entertainment’s year-end eSports World Championships (Los Angeles, United States) September 19, 2014 – ESL, the world’s largest independent eSports brand, is proud to announce that they will be working with Blizzard Entertainment on BlizzCon® 2014’s World Championship Opening Weekend (October 31st – November 2nd), which will be housed in the ESL TV Studios in Burbank, CA (United States). Set to feature the broadest selection...

Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms Expansion Out Today

Posted by Jaime Skelton On September - 18 - 2014
Triumph Studios, the creators of the Overlord and Age of Wonders series, announced today that Age of Wonders III: Golden Realms, the first premium expansion pack for Age of Wonders III, is out now. Golden Realms expands Age of Wonders III’s empire building mechanics and introduces bucket loads of new content. These new features are used in random maps, new scenarios and a new story campaign, where Halfling survivors settle in a distant land filled with danger and treasures never seen before. New...

Mechanon Invades Champions Online with Steel Reserve

Posted by Jaime Skelton On September - 18 - 2014
Today, Perfect World Entertainment announced that Champions Online: Steel Crusade is now available. In this major new content update, players will find Millennium City under attack by Mechanon, a robot supervillain determined to eradicate all organic life. Heroes will explore new areas, investigate Mechanon’s nanorobot virus, and take the fight to Mechanon’s orbital satellite. With three new instances, the new United Nations Tribunal on International Law (UNTIL) Space Station mission...

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