Trion Worlds Hosts Several Holiday Events

Posted by Mikedot On December - 19 - 2014
Trion Worlds is currently hosting a handful of different holiday events for their current lineup of titles, including ArcheAge and Defiance. ArcheAge – Winter Maiden Festival Has Arrived Our first Winter Maiden Festival has arrived in ArcheAge with new in-game events and seasonal items in tow! Earn prize boxes while playing to collect tokens for holiday-inspired hats. Build snowmen by collecting snow from defeated enemies. Decorate your very own Winter Maiden Festival tree to receive special...

Ultimate Robot Fighting Now Available

Posted by Mikedot On December - 19 - 2014
Reliance Games, a global mobile games publisher and creator with over 50M downloads across such successful hits as Real Steel and Real Steel World Robot Boxing, today ushers in the future of arena entertainment with the launch of Ultimate Robot Fighting for iOS and Android devices. This single-player action game brings 3v3-style gladiatorial brawling to smartphones and tablets with intuitive gesture controls and powerful HD visuals. In an age where automatons are made to battle one another for...

GameSamba announces Open Beta launch of Rainbow Saga

Posted by Mikedot On December - 19 - 2014
GameSamba is pleased to announce that Rainbow Saga, a free-to-play side-scrolling MMORPG, will be open to players on December 18 at 6 PM PST. Rainbow Saga offers diverse gameplay through the beautiful fantasy world of Troonmill. Once ravaged by the Demon Lord and his Dark Scythe, the world saw heroes sacrifice themselves in order to seal the Demon Lord inside of seven ancient artifacts, bringing peace to the land. Now, that peace is in jeopardy, and it’s up to players to emerge as the heroes...

SMITE World Championship to be Powered by Curse Voice

Posted by Jaime Skelton On December - 19 - 2014
Hi-Rez Studios and Curse, Inc., today announced that all team voice communications at the SMITE World Championship (SWC) will be powered by Curse Voice. The SMITE World Championship, one of the largest eSports tournaments ever, with a prize pool of over $1.9 million, will be held at Atlanta’s Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on January 9 – 11, 2015. The tournament features the top eight SMITE teams from five regions around the globe, with teams from North America, Europe, China, Brazil...

The Secret World Hosts “Christmas Conspiracy” event

Posted by Mikedot On December - 18 - 2014
Funcom wishes to invite you to an all new Holiday Event unlike any other! See the Magic Flute opera, fight your way through ancient conspiracies, solve mystical Masonic puzzles and discover the relics of Saint Nicholas himself! Take on the End of Days and Krampus events as well for an awesome Holiday! Enjoy the brand new Rucksack of Saturnalian Delights as rewards for the Holiday content. These bags offer a host of new outfits and pets. You can also get them in the Item Shop along with the Bag of...

The Red Solstice – Pitch Black Update Now Available

Posted by Mikedot On December - 18 - 2014 The Red Solstice devs at Ironward continue to polish the experience and add new content on a regular basis. Today — in addition to offering 50% off on Steam… nobody else is on sale there, right? — the team launched the Pitch Black update, which adds a new map, new missions, a new boss, more skills, a new soundtrack and boosts the game’s visuals a bit. It’s still in Early Access, of...

Skyforge showcases unique powers of Paladin and Cryomancer

Posted by Mikedot On December - 18 - 2014, Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment have today revealed a new let’s play video, showing off more of the highly anticipated upcoming MMORPG Skyforge. Join Development Director Eric Demilt and Class Designer Aidan Karabaich on a video tour through one of Skyforge’s solo instances, the Lanber Catacombs. Watch as they discuss the various combat mechanics presented in the dungeon, while showcasing the unique skill-sets available to two of Skyforge’s starting classes, the Paladin...

Magicka Wizard Wars: Private Matches Available

Posted by Mikedot On December - 18 - 2014
Paradox Interactive and Paradox North today came to an understanding with players of Magicka: Wizard Wars, the Spellcasting Action PvP take on the questionably ethical Magicka universe. Starting today, Wizard Wars players can set up custom games, including the ability to set password-protected matches where only their friends will be subjected to their fiery electrified death rays. Players can also arrange matches between teams of 3v3, 4v2, 1v1, or every other combination of wizards that they can...

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