League of Legends Championship Cosplay and Giveaway

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Pictures by Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), General Manager

DualAhrisDizzy1 620x464

Hey this is DizzyPW here for a special surprise Monday feature! Last Friday Kitty Mach was kind enough to not only sneak me into the League of Legends World Championships at the Staples Center (yes where the Lakers play) in LA, but she’s hooked us up with a giveaway with her company, TTEsports to get three lucky viewers some hardware to up your gaming prowess. All you have to do is check out the images below and vote for your favorite on our official forum page and three lucky winners will be PMed on Wednesday, October 9th, to get your mailing address.

But enough of the rules, let’s get to the pictures!

ArabianKatarina 375x500

Caitlyn1 375x500

DragonLeeSin2 375x500

DualAhriLeblanc3 620x469

FemaleDraven2 375x500

FemaleThresh3 375x500

GirlsGenerationCharm2 375x500

KittyGirlsGenerationAhris3 620x464

KittyNonEdit2 375x500

LuLu2 291x500

LuluJayce2 375x500

LuxGlow2 375x500

LuxUlti2 620x464

MissFortune2 375x500

QueenAshe22 305x500

TallAhri2 375x500

TFEveTango2 375x500

ValentineVayne2 375x500

ZeddAhriCouple2 375x500

Ezrael 375x500

Fiora 386x500

KittyKat 277x500

SportsKatarinaEzrael 375x500

VolibearAnnieAhriLulu 620x456

DualingAhrisDizzy 620x404

Got your favorite? Good! Hit up our forum now and cast your vote! And feel free to post some images of your own and we’ll gladly add them to our post!

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