ArcheAge begins “Friends & Family” Alpha test for English Server

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Finally, some good news from Trion Worlds regarding the English version of ArcheAge has come to light. The North America/Europe version of ArcheAge has finally entered its very first test phase, the “Friends & Family” Alpha.

ArcheAge 620x350

That’s right! An English server is finally up and running, with 24/7 server support and updates. While no official schedule has been given, Trion Worlds mentioned last week that it will be less than 6 months before we see ArcheAge launching. Currently, ArcheAge’s “UI is now about 80% readable, and much of the quest text has been given at least a first pass at translation”.

For more information on ArcheAge, visit the official Trion Worlds page at

Thanks goes to Cinderboy of MMOCulture for this news bit.

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