Ultimate Naruto Online Silver Pack Giveaway

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MMOHuts has partnered with Joyfun to get you a ninja survival kit strong enough to keep your head on your shoulders as you follow the epic tale of Naruto’s rise in the new browser MMO, Ultimate Naruto.

Ultimate Naruto features the original anime plots and the original Japanese anime art style. Through their journeys in the Naruto world, players must become the ultimate, powerful ninja, playing as one of their favorite Naruto characters from three different ninja schools, the Secret Jutsu, Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. Each school delivers a unique gameplay experience and storyline. The game features thrilling combat with familiar characters and skills. Players can also nurture pets and famous Ninjas from the anime series to provide competitive edges as sharp as a ninja sword, Ninjatō. As a web browser game, Ultimate Naruto eliminates the need to download a bulky client, but packs the fun and depth of client-based online games. It only takes a few clicks to jump into the world of Naruto and become an integral part of the storyline.

The Silver Pack Pack Includes:
Lv.1 Silver Card*20
Treasure Talisman*1
Channeling Scroll*1
Lv.1 Jade Box*1
75 Gold


How to Redeem your Beta Key:
1. Go sign up on the website.
2. Log into the game.
3. Click on “Gift Code” on the right side of the screen. Input your code.
4. Click on “Bag” at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy your Silver pack!

Notes: One account can only activate one code.

Obtain a Beta Key Below by entering your MMOHuts.com Forums Username and Password Below! If you do not have a forum account make one by clicking Here!

This event has expired



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