Shot Online Summer 2013 Pack Giveaway

MMOHuts is teaming up with GamesCampus to celebrate the final months of summer with one of the best sports sims on the market, Shot Online!

Shot Online isn’t just an online sports game, but a highly accurate simulation, with deep role-playing elements.  These RPG qualities are what make Shot Online the addictive game it is, with community interaction alongside character levels and enhancements.  Offering realistic and rare items drawn from the lauded history of the professional sport of golf, practice can only make perfect!  Quests, item trades and exchanges, character abilities and more await players teeing off in Shot Online.  Keep your wits sharp and your clubs handy.

The Summer 2013 Pack Includes $20 in items. This includes a 7 Day Gold Plus Membership as well as:
-Fedora A100 : Resets all stats up to 100 stat points(excepted base stat).
-Zodiac Plus 100 : Enhanced Zodiac with all stats +4.
-Cyma II : Obtain treble Play’s prize for 250 holes.
-Mageia Plus D2 : Double Experience available.
- shine clothes set 7 days(shirt,pants,cap,shoes,glove).
- Mulligan(5) : A card that gives the ability to have a mulligan.Automatically takes effect in a mulligan applied room.
- FF Ticket II : This ticket makes ball speed faster.
- KJ Choi Card Level 10 – K(1day) : When a card is used, it is registered as an avatar. (Additional EXP 35%)

How to Redeem your Beta Key:
1. Register or log into the GamesCampus website.
2. Click the “Coupon” on the drop down menu, on ‘My Account’.
3. In the Coupon Number box, paste your coupon code listed above. Click Use.
4. Choose the character you would like to give the package to.
5. Note that items are not tradable.

Notes: One account can only activate one code.

Obtain a Beta Key Below by entering your Forums Username and Password Below! If you do not have a forum account make one by clicking Here!

This event has expired



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