GetAmped 2 Starter Pack Giveaway

getamped 2 giveaway

MMOHuts and CyberStep have teamed up to give away a special beginner item packs in Getamped 2. These beginner item packs contain the following items:

> Revive Ticket (x3)
Ticket to resurrect all of your troop members when they get weak in the middle of Guardian episode. Only Room Master is allowed to use it.
> Score Boost Ticket(x5)
Score will be +100% up for 2 hours when used. (able to extend up to 12 hours.
> EXP Boost Ticket (x5)
EXP will be +100% up for 2 hours when used. (able to extend up to 12 hours.
> WIN Boost Ticket (x5)
WIN (in-game money) will be +100% up for 2 hours when used. (able to extend up to 12 hours.
> Avyontium (x3)
The green jewel that was processed from the special ore found in Great Avyon. It holds a power to heal. (Useful in Mission modes!)
> Cage Blaster (x20)
Shoot your opponent in to a box! Youwant to know how it works? Nobody knows!
(Useful in Tournament Mode!)

GetAmped2 is an MMO fighting game featuring a wide array of unique weapons to do battle with. The game also features a polygon editor that allows players to create, utilize, and even sell completely customized character models.GetAmped2′s core gameplay revolves around its fast-paced PvP action, but also features an online campaign and dungeon mode, in which players can team up to tackle increasingly difficult NPC opposition. We have 9,000 of these keys, so they should last a while. But if you want to make sure you get one, grab one early!

NOTE: This item key giveaway begins on December 9, 2010 and ends when we run out of item keys! Grab yours before we run out!

1. Obtain a Gift Key Below and save it.

2. Log In toyour GetAmped 2 Character and enter the “Prime Market”

3. On the left hand information counter, there is an NPC “Key Code Exchanger”. Talk to this guy by left clicking on him and an “Enter Key Code” window will pop up.

4. Type in your Starter Pack Key Code (Which you got on this page!).

5. Tada! That’s it. You will receive the items with the in-game mail system.

Obtain a Beta Key Below by entering your Forums Username and Password Below! If you do not have a forum account make one by clicking Here!



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