MMORPG / MMO Game List

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NameType dagger upGenrePlayerbaseXP RateScoreRating
Galactic Supremacy2D BrowserSci-FiLowMediumFair2.40
Game of Thrones Ascent2D BrowserStrategyMediumMediumGood3.15
Galaxy Online II2D BrowserStrategyHighMedium3.33
Glory of Fellowland2D BrowserStrategyMediumLow4.00
Grand Voyage2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium3.29
Gunbound2D MMOShooterMediumLowGreat3.40
Grand Chase2D MMOFantasyMediumHighGreat3.97
Goodgame Empire2D MMOFantasyMediumMedium2.93
GodsWar Online2D MMORPGFantasyLowHighFair2.82
Great Merchant2D MMORPGFantasyLowMediumPoor2.40
Game of War: Fire Age2D MobileStrategyMediumMediumFair3.33
Galaxy Life: Pocket Adventures2D MobileSci-FiMediumMedium3.13
Gun Bros Multiplayer Deathmatch2D MobileShooterMediumMedium3.22
Gun Bros 22D MobileShooterMediumMedium2.83
Glorious Maximus2D MobileFantasyLowLowN/A4.00
Ghost Recon Phantoms3D FPSShooterMediumMediumGood3.92
Guns and Robots3D FPSShooterLowLowFair3.86
Gundog3D FPSShooterMediumLowGood3.38
GunZ 2: The Second Duel3D FPSShooterLowMediumN/A3.39
Gunscape3D FPSShooterLowN/AN/A4.00
GetAmped 23D MMOSportsMediumMediumFair3.85
Global Soccer3D MMOSportsMediumMedium4.00
Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms3D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
GoD Factory: Wingmen3D MMOSci-Fi ShooterLow4.00
Grey Goo3D MMOStrategyN/AN/A4.00
Gauntlet3D MMOFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Gotham City Impostors 3D MMOFPSShooterMediumHighGood3.78
Grand Theft Auto Online3D MMOFPSShooterMediumLowFair3.55
Granado Espada Online3D MMORPGFantasyMediumVery HighExcellent3.81
GhostX3D MMORPGSci-FiMediumLowGreat3.80
Grand Fantasia3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMediumGreat3.95
Global Agenda3D MMORPGSci-FiMediumMediumGreat3.80
Glory Destiny Online3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMediumGood3.65
Genghis Khan3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMediumFair2.48
Guild Wars 23D MMORPGFantasyVery HighHighExcellent4.04
Guns of Icarus3D RPGStrategyMediumMediumFair2.65
Gas Guzzlers Extreme3D RPGRacingN/AN/A4.00
Grim Dawn3D RPGFantasyN/AMedium4.00
Galactic Civilizations III3D RPGSci-FiN/AN/A4.00
Guns N' Zombies3D RPGSci-Fi ShooterN/ALowN/A4.00
Guild WarsMMORPGFantasyLowMediumGreat3.75
Gloria VictisMMORPGFantasy4.00
Guardians of Middle-earthMOBA StyleFantasyLowN/APoor3.20
Games of GloryMOBA StyleFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
God of DestinyMOBA StyleFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Gaia OnlinePre-releasePre-release3.57
Gates of AndaronSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumLowGood3.24
GunZ: The DuelSHUT DOWNShooterHighMediumGreat3.58
Ghost OnlineSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowMediumGood3.73
GoGo RacerSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowMediumFair3.20
Galaxy OnlineSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumLowFair2.13
Genesis A.DSHUT DOWNShooterMediumMediumGreat3.98
GolfstarSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMediumGood2.81
GameglobeSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium4.00

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