MMORPG / MMO Game List

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NameTypeGenre dagger upPlayerbaseXP RateScoreRating
With Your Destiny (WYD)3D MMORPGFantasyMediumVery HighFair2.87
Wizard1013D MMORPGFantasyHighMediumGood3.25
Wonderland Online2D MMORPGFantasyHighMediumGood3.77
World of Warcraft3D MMORPGFantasyVery HighMediumGreat3.14
Warrior EpicSHUT DOWNFantasyMediumLowGood2.54
WonderKingSHUT DOWNFantasyMediumMediumGreat3.82
War of AngelsSHUT DOWNFantasyMediumMediumGood3.50
Warriors of the Three Kingdoms3D MMORPGFantasyMediumHighGood3.43
Wrath of Heroes SHUT DOWNFantasyMediumMediumFair3.54
War of The Immortals3D MMORPGFantasyMediumVery HighFair3.76
Wakfu3D MMOFantasyMediumMediumGood3.38
World of Battles: Morningstar3D MMOFantasyMediumMediumGood3.90
Wartune2D BrowserFantasyMediumMediumGood3.65
Wizardry Online3D MMORPGFantasyHighMediumGreat3.19
War of Ninja2D BrowserFantasyLowLow2.83
Wego3D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Wurm OnlineSandbox MMOFantasyLowLow4.00
WarMage Battlegrounds2D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Wind of Luck3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMedium4.00
War of the Vikings3D RPGFantasyN/AN/A4.00
Warlock 2MMORTSFantasyN/AN/A4.00
Wander3D MMOFantasyN/AN/A4.00
World of Speed3D MMORacingN/AN/AN/A4.00
Warkeepers3D MMOSci-FiMediumMedium4.00
WildStar3D MMORPGSci-FiHighMedium4.00
World of the Living DeadMMORTSSci-Fi/FantasyLowMedium4.00
Wolfteam3D MMOShooterMediumMediumGreat3.84
War Rock3D MMOFPSShooterHighLowGood2.87
World of Tanks3D MMOShooterHighHighGood3.97
War Inc.3D MMOShooterMediumMediumGood3.52
World of Warplanes3D MMOShooterHighMediumGreat3.36
Warface3D FPSShooterMediumMedium3.76
War Thunder3D MMOShooterHighLowGreat3.96
Warframe3D FPSShooterHighHighGreat4.07
World of Warships3D MMOShooterMediumMedium4.00
War Thunder: Ground Forces3D MMOShooterMediumMediumGreat4.00
World of Tanks Blitz3D MMOFPSShooterMediumMediumN/A4.00
World of Kung FuSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMediumGreat3.33
Wind Slayer 2SHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMediumGood3.17
Water Margin OnlineSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowLowPoor2.23
Web Koihime MusouSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium3.14
Waren StorySHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMedium4.00
World Tour Fishing3D MMOSportsMediumMediumGreat3.80
WAR2 Glory2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium2.33
WorldAlpha2D BrowserStrategyLowHighGood2.88
Warflow2D BrowserStrategyHighMedium4.00
Wargame 19423D MMOStrategyMediumMedium4.00
World of Tanks Generals2D BrowserStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Warfare2D BrowserStrategyN/AN/AN/A4.00
War CommanderMMORTSStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Wargame Red DragonMMORTSStrategyN/AN/AN/A4.00

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Aura Kingdom
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Check out this new Free MMORPG. Read More

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