MMORPG / MMO Game List

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NameTypeGenre dagger upPlayerbaseXP RateScoreRating
Twelve SkySHUT DOWNFantasyLowHighGood3.90
Tantra Online3D MMORPGFantasyLowVery HighFair3.21
Trickster OnlineSHUT DOWNFantasyMediumMediumGood3.75
The Legend of AresSHUT DOWNFantasyLowMediumGood3.31
Tibia2D MMORPGFantasyVery HighHighFair3.37
Talisman Online3D MMORPGFantasyMediumLowFair3.59
The Lord of the Rings Online3D MMORPGFantasyHighMediumGreat3.98
Turf Battles3D MMORPGFantasyMediumHighFair3.28
Tales of Pirates 23D MMORPGFantasyMediumHighFair3.70
Three Kingdoms Brawler2D MMORPGFantasyMediumMediumFair2.65
The Chosen3D MMORPGFantasyLowLowFair2.52
Troy Online3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMediumFair3.66
The Settlers Online: Castle Empire2D MMOFantasyMediumMedium3.30
Tynon2D BrowserFantasyMediumMediumGood2.91
The Aurora World3D MMORPGFantasyMediumMediumFair3.44
Tiny Dice Dungeon2D MobileFantasyLowMediumGreat2.36
Therian Saga2D BrowserFantasyMediumMediumGreat3.85
Talesweaver2D MMORPGFantasyMediumMedium4.00
The Mummy Online3D MMORPGFantasyLowMedium4.00
The Pride of Taern2D MMOFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Tales of SolarisMMORPGFantasyMediumMedium4.00
The Hammers End3D MMORPGFantasyLowMedium4.00
Tamer Saga2D MMORPGFantasyMediumMedium4.00
Titans of Time3D MMORPGFantasyLowMedium2.73
Trove3D MMOFantasyN/AN/A4.00
Trials of AscensionSandbox MMOFantasyN/AN/A4.00
Tower of Ascension3D RPGFantasyN/AN/A4.00
TUG: The Untitled GameSandbox MMOFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Taichi Panda2D MobileFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing3D RPGFantasyN/AHighN/A4.00
The Witcher: Battle ArenaMOBA StyleFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
Tome: Immortal ArenaMOBA StyleFantasyN/AN/AN/A4.00
The Gate3D BrowserMMORPGHighMediumN/A4.00
The Imperial Realm - MirandaPre-releasePre-release4.00
TrackMania Nations Forever3D MMORacingHighMediumGood4.00
The Crew3D MMORacingN/AN/AN/A4.00
Taikodom3D MMORPGSci-FiMediumMedium4.00
The RepopulationSandbox MMOSci-FiN/AN/A4.00
The MandateMMORPGSci-FiN/AN/A4.00
Transformers Universe3D MMOFPSSci-Fi ShooterMediumLowFair3.27
TERA Rising3D MMORPGSci-Fi/FantasyVery HighHighExcellent4.07
The Secret World3D MMORPGSci/FantasyMediumHighGood3.53
Tank Ace3D MMOShooterMediumMediumGood3.66
Tactical InterventionMMOFPSShooterMediumMedium3.44
Team Fortress 23D MMOShooterHighHighExcellent4.02
Tribes Ascend3D FPSShooterMediumMediumGreat3.89
Tata Blitz2D MMOShooter2.66
Throw Trucks With Your Mind3D MMOFPSShooterN/AN/A3.00
The Conduit HD3D MobileShooterMediumMedium3.60
Trigger Fist3D MobileShooterMediumMedium3.92
Tom Clancy's "The Division"3D MMOFPSShooterN/AN/AN/A4.00
Tales of PiratesSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumHighFair3.16
Three Kingdoms: The Battle BeginsSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowHighFair3.01
Twelve Sky 2SHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNHighHighGood3.84
The WarlordsSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNHighHighFair2.45
The AgencySHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMediumGood2.71
Toontown OnlineSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNN/AN/AGood4.00
The Legend of Mir 3SHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowLowFair2.30
The Chronicles of SpellbornSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowLowGood3.69
Tales of FantasySHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMediumFair3.39
Tiger Woods OnlineSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowLow3.18
The Lost TitansSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNMediumMediumGood3.50
Tank RangerSHUT DOWNSHUT DOWNLowHighFair2.63
TentaclText BasedSocialMediumN/A4.00
Tales Runner3D MMOSportsLowLowGood3.95
theHunter3D MMOSportsLowLowGood3.69
Transpee3D MMOSportsMediumMedium4.00
The Banner Saga: Factions2D MMOStrategyMediumLowGood2.93
Total DominationMMORTSStrategyHighMedium2.56
The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot3D RPGStrategyHighMediumGreat3.75
Tunnelers3D MMOStrategyMediumMedium4.00
Tribal Wars 22D BrowserStrategyHighLowGreat3.00
Transport EmpireMMORTSStrategyN/AN/A4.00
Throne Wars2D MobileStrategyHighLow4.00
Ticket to Ride Online2D BrowserStrategyMediumN/A4.00

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