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Sword Art Online Game Thumbnail

Sword Art Online

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  • NoLifeKing

    LOL mmohuts , really? :D

  • Kuraido


  • BearCan

    Hahaha damnit, this an April Fool’s joke isn’t it?

  • LockFelino

    Oh man, I love this song~

  • Wa

    I was so excited when I saw this :c
    But than the rick roll happened
    I mean I love that song but still think of the extreme fans of SAO MMOhuts plz t-t

  • Dominick

    Grr was this really suppose to be a joke? Well it says on top it not yet finished yet so mayb in near future it will be open to play i hope


    If you’re going to take the time to develop a game about a anime about an mmorpg, why not make an actual mmorpg? It’s not too late. someone get on top of it! :D

  • Ashley Odibo-wilson

    i totally didnt click the link…heheh…

  • Jopama

    hahaha! i got april fooled! >.<

  • Haxic

    Nice one, didn’t think there’d be a troll there. At least I can rest easy knowing Aeria won’t ruin yet another perfectly good game.

  • dangit101

    damn it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RiggsX

    Damn! But it would be so awesome to have an mmo like SAO!

  • MechaRanger

    Dat official site link XD

  • Flying-Mint-Bunny

    why you do this to me ;A;

  • camille kuate

    nice game i thing is my favourite

  • Muktadir Reza

    WHYYYYYY. You got me good

  • Heitch

    Rick rolled again for second time Q.Q its becoming a habit….

  • feitheoir

    psp ver. with aeria games logo on them

  • dalton

    whoever beleaves this is stupid cuz it is only showing pictures from sao re:hollow fragment

  • Veronique Gagnon


  • Rafael Lima

    never gone give you up

Sword Art Online
CoOp, MultiPlayer
Aeria Games
3D MMO RPG Fantasy
Sword Art Online challenges you to take your favorite anime characters in a dynamic, sandbox world constantly changing due to player choices. Are you up to the challenge?
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Sword Art Online Game Thumbnail
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
3D MMO RPG Fantasy