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  • Mr.Berense

    My Personal Review:

    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) type games have taken over the gaming world over
    the past five years; sharing an experience or battling an opponent that is a
    human, sitting somewhere in the world on his PC is a far more interesting and
    competitive challenge. S2 games, creators of Heroes of Newerth (HoN) , which
    holds a massive title in the MOBA world , have launched the BETA version of
    their newest title “Strife” which will be the subject of my review.

    When one thinks of MOBA games contemporarily, the most well-known
    titles are “DOTA 2”, which was the basis of this world, and LOL (League of
    Legends). Strife’s main keystone or
    white space is trying to offer a less player-toxic environment. The problem is
    that new and old players are hitting a barrier that was created by the existing
    genre’s community. Strife is designed to
    keep players engaged in inter-team team conflict while minimizing intra-team
    conflict. Barriers to entry have been significantly reduced through a focus on
    cleanly communicating complex game mechanics and abiding by consistent game rules.
    Crafting and pets allow for first-time levels of customization on the
    battlefield and de-emphasize the need for rigidly defined roles.

    Strife is designed to be a globally accessible and
    integrated experience where all heroes and game content are available for free
    from release. Strife also offers a storyline aspect, which is the first
    of its kind in the MOBA games arena to offer a set plot for the players to travel
    through in a MOBA game. I have played a total of 20 hours so far on steam and I
    have reached level 9 on my profile. The ladder increases as you level up, so
    you play with more experienced players, mostly. I feel like what’s missing now
    is the growth of the community in strife, it just need to grow in player base
    so we can truly test its anti-player toxicity. But again one cannot change the
    human trolling behavior on the internet. I recommend anyone who has enjoyed a
    MOBA game before to try Strife out, it does offer something new and wants to
    improve the MOBA gaming experience.

S2 Games
3D MOBA Fantasy
PC, Mac
Strife is a community-focused multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Featuring less heroes but more flexibility through systems such as pets and crafting, the game intends to be more welcoming to all levels of players.
strife, s2 games, moba, pvp mmo
Strife Game Profile Banner
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX, Ubuntu
2 GB
4 GB
3D MOBA Fantasy