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Project Blackout Game Profile Banner

Piercing Blow

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  • agmoyer

    Okay, I am a bit confused here. The tab says “project Blackout” and the url says “project-blackout” but the rating says “Piercing Blow”. Did the game change it’s name or was this just a mistake when uploaded here?

    • PackAsaurasRex

      Name changed, I played this for about a year when I was younger. Now I won’t even go near this pos. It’s P2W in and out. Stay away, best bet.

Piercing Blow
Zepetto Co.
3D Sci-Fi Shooter
Project Blackout is a lobby based online shooter. Like most free FPS games, Project Blackout is tactical shooter with a modern theme.
project blackout, sg interactive, ntreev, review, mmofps, shooter, mmo
Project Blackout Game Profile Banner
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7
3D Sci-Fi Shooter