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(95 votes, average: 3.22 out of 5)

  • RagDaRock

    This game has been great so far, I’m totally loving it. Was looking something to replace TERA cause it was getting a bit boring/repetitive with quests and I found this beautiful gem. It’s definitely worth a try, I thought the instance thing would be a put off, but it’s been really good and easy to adjust too.

  • Hanz Kazoku

    Absolute Crap.
    Recomendations (from player which was played from start) :
    Highly recommended for kids, 9 y.o. and less, with profany filters turned on.
    Dead game for older players.
    Game Content:
    No game content after lvl70.
    Dungeons was deleted.
    Boring repeatable with wretched contents dailies.
    Dragons are dying from boredom – not enough players to make pary.
    Game PVP:
    Horrible team matchmaking.
    Only 2 pvp maps in 3 years.
    Full of the old and new exploiters.
    Developers insist what pvp exploits are legit.
    Game Strongholds:
    Not accessible for small and rather new guilds.
    Old guilds are based on old exploiters, which exploit new players like slaves.
    Players base:
    Mostly old exploiters.
    New players have no chance to progress. Or have to be immortal for endless farming.
    Players base not exceed 600 players ingame totally in US prime time. Other chars – just bots.
    Permanently dupe customers.
    Only morons can purchase $20 companions, which was announced account wide, but works for 1 char only. Etc.
    Every new patch brings new bugs.
    Undergraduate, not capable to fix 2 years old bugs.
    Main job – delete all serious and critical posts.
    Licking management asses.

  • Demon’sPenisIsBig

    This game is so epic. You can do anything I once killed a girl, and anal raped her. Even jesús plays this game, how cool is that.

MultiPlayer, SinglePlayer
Perfect World Entertainment
3D MMO Adventure RPG Fantasy
PC, Xbox One
Neverwinter continues the tradition of Neverwinter Nights, as Neverwinter begins to restore itself to glory. Return to Neverwinter, and embark on epic quests and fight in strategic battles, even in player-created content!
neverwinter, f2p, mmo, mmorpg, fantasy, neverwinter nights, dnd, dungeons and dragons, cryptic studios, perfect world entertainment, free to play, fantasy
Neverwinter Game Thumbnail
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
2 GB
4 GB
3D MMO Adventure RPG Fantasy