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Monkey King Online

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(11 votes, average: 2.55 out of 5)

  • greg

    possibly the WORST game I have EVER played. the ONLY good thing about the game is the artwork. I have NEVER seen a game so mismanaged in my life. it’s still in beta so it’s bound to be buggy BUT this game has NEW glitches pretty much everyday. not to mention the older bugs that have been fixed ONLY to pop up again after the next maint. on my server alone i’ld say 80% or better of the players have quit after 4 months.

Monkey King Online
R2 Games
3D MMO RPG Fantasy
Become a hero from Journey to the West in this fully featured browser-based MMORPG.
monkey king online,r2games,f2p,free to play,browser based,journey to the west,2.5d,fantasy,mmo,mmorpg
Monkey King Online Game Profile Banner
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
3D MMO RPG Fantasy