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League Of Legends Game Profile

League of Legends

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(360 votes, average: 3.98 out of 5)

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  • Bard-Cat


  • Audrey

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  • Lionel Jackson

    Honestly coming from someone who has played since Season 1, I would not recommend playing this game. The first two or so years this game came out it was fantastic and very immersive with the dev. focus on plot and character development. Now this game is flooded with every 12 year old rager that got bored with screaming at adults on Call of Duty and decided to try out PC games. 100% guarantee that your first actual pvp game will consist of one person shouting every bit of profanity you can think of. One person asking you to end your life. One who cant handle the toxic players and leaves, and then one who cries and moans about the game sucking. Riot devs have also moved to a more “pay money to be good fast” policy. Want to earn more than 1 champion every 2 weeks playing? Pay. Want things to boost your stats? Pay. Want to play with people who know what they are doing and dont scream like 10 year olds? Pay.. Not worth your time. Just go play SMITE or the new moba from Blizzard. both are way more worth it than paying 20 bucks a week to get screamed at for one mistake.

    Your friendly neighborhood Gold I