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*Note: This game has been cancelled or shut down and isn't available for play.

Heroes of Three Kingdoms

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  • Adam Staton

    Ah man, just had a moment of reminiscing over this game and all the joy it had brought me for the first few months after it released. The pay to win cash shop and heavy grinding in the end game kind of killed it for me, but remembering how I didn’t join a faction until far later in the game, the notoriety so far stacked up my name wasn’t even red anymore but black taking a month of not killing anybody to slowly whittle it back down to 0 (Killing PK’ers before they managed to get their PK was my favorite pass time in the game.) When it first came out almost nobody would even consider the maces, by the time people had leveled high enough to pick their secondary class I’d made it so well known that almost everybody took it for their second. The clan I’d ended up joining started off with their members going on a 45 man hunt across the game in an attempt to kill me, their guild leader was in the midst of dying to a PK’er, i jumped in just before they died but they hadn’t noticed I’d come in and killed the PK’er, thus when they turned their camera around and only saw me she’d assumed I was trying to PK her.. good times, such good times xD

Heroes of Three Kingdoms
CoOp, MultiPlayer
Perfect World Entertainment
3D Adventure RPG Fantasy
Heroes of Three Kingdoms is an Asian MMORPG based on the Three Kingdoms period in Chinese History. The game is known as Chi Bi in China and Red Cliff in Malaysia.
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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or better
512 MB
5 GB
3D Adventure RPG Fantasy