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Dungeon Fighter Online

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(90 votes, average: 3.97 out of 5)

  • Stefanos Zenonos

    Great game recommend!

  • Rias

    Great game for people who love BB/GG/SF/Elsword and all that. If your’e not into that, probably won’t like it.

    A cool and fun beat-em-up game but I personally can’t get into it. Tried it 5 times over the span of Nexon to Neople. I’d recommend it either way.

  • Guest4

    (Dungeon fighter)
    New Con: (Pve) energy dungeon bar , Community PVP blacklist Classes
    This game is good to play for a bit but it is not (recommended) to support this type of game as you be limited really bad in Pve story wise for dungeon fighter online. PVP is alright nothing to hype about it in term of gameplay classes for each character. (Thumb up)

  • Diga

    Warning: Pay to win

  • terry.kozo

    As a player since the days of the old Dungeon Fighter Online from Nexon, and the current player of Neople’s Global version, I would like to give my feedback and experience, but also go into detail about this game. This review will take some time to read, so please be sure to take some time to read and understand everything before commenting.


    In Dungeon Fighter Online, there are over 6 classes to choose from, each with their own “job” classes that you can choose after acquiring level 15. Dark Knight and Creator are exceptions and are their own job. There are first and second awakening skills which you can also get after playing to a certain level, however some “jobs” in classes don’t have their 2nd awakening classes yet. Also some jobs for other classes are missing, and they’ll be added in future updates.

    When it comes to gameplay, this game has no challenge to it, as you’ll make it through early dungeons easily. In the old Nexon Dungeon Fighter, the game actually had challenge which required you to team up with people to progress in dungeons, and leveling was a long process.

    In Neople’s version, leveling is so fast that you can practically achieve max level in just a few days, also Neople constantly does events which are made to make people achieve max level faster, which makes lower end content dead. It also creates a level balance in PVP which I will discuss later. The beginning dungeons are nothing but fillers for what you call “end game”, and you could easily complete the whole game playing alone without ever playing with another player or socializing with anyone.

    You’ll also be limited how many dungeons you can run on each character, which can also be extended by paying cash.

    There’s also too much emphasis on “End Game” content, because that’s the only time you will have any challenge in this game. All other dungeon content is sub-par, and as said before filler content, and is only there to slow down your ascension End Game. End Game dungeons are nothing but high level dungeons with gimmicks and monsters with high defence and large amounts of hitpoints, which is all a cause of a problem which I will also get into regarding gear.

    Massive Pay-To-Win

    This game is probably the worst game to play in terms of Pay-To-Win that I’ve ever played. There’s a huge imbalance when it comes to Free Players and “Premium” Players. The developers are also very greedy and only care about milking the game dry. Neople recently released a Premium contract, which increases experience, and gives extra runs of some dungeons , while giving players a free Pink level weapon to use of their choice. When it was first released, the contract was priced so high that it caused a community backlash, that caused Neople to lower the price.

    Things such as Advanced Clone Avatars cannot be obtained through gold and are not tradeable. They can only be obtained through the cash shop or have a rare chance to be obtained through Lost Treasures. Rare avatars are imbalanced and break the game, and can give massive advantages in PVP(Player versus Player), which I will also discuss.

    The developers also have no problem cutting out items out of avatar packages while charging the full price out of it, as shown for the Halloween update, and at the same time making poor excuses for doing so. Players can achieve ridiculous amounts of power in this game, making the game even easier and also more cash-oriented. In order to combat this, monsters later on in the game are made to have higher defence and health, which in turn force you to become as more powerful as before by grinding or spending out of your wallet. It is an endless cycle.

    There are also a lot of gold buyers in this game, to the point where Neople had to make gold non-tradeable in order to combat gold sellers. Gold sellers also have huge advantages over the average player, as they can obtain the highest levels of power without little work ethic.

    Endless, Mindless Grinding

    Apart from large amounts of money required to play this game, you’ll also need to consume lots of time into this game in order to get anywhere near the top bracket of players. Once you reach “End Game” or max level, you’ll need to do a lot of mindless grinding with very little reward in return, because without doing so your character will not be viable enough to engage in End Game content. This game is very dependant on RNG(Random Number Generator) which will decide what you’ll get and when you’ll get it, very much like Warframe.

    This means that you’ll be spending weeks on end in order to get either the piece of armour you want, or that one weapon that makes your character viable. Things such as Otherverse or Requiem dungeons will require you to grind, grind, and grind until your eyes bleed. In the game, there are things Hell Modes, which can be completed in dungeons to obtain Epic items, the most powerful items in the game. These items give massive stat boosts on one piece alone, and can easily break the game, these items can also break Player vs Player games, which I will go into more detail shortly.

    The grinding is very repetitive in this game. The grinding consists of nothing but three steps: 1. Create a character 2. Get to max level 3. Gear Up your character. 1. Create another character 2. Get to max level 3. Gear Up your character. 1. Create another character 2. Get to max level 3. Gear Up your character. 1. Create another character 2. Get to max level 3. Gear Up your character. It’s an endless cycle of getting to max level to get more gear, to get to max level to get more gear to get to max level to get more gear with very little benefit in the end. It can get very boring very quickly.

    The grinding can also get very addictive, because you’ll always want to be grinding to get the best gear in the game, and you’ll be spending time studying numbers, which can become tedious. It’s nothing more than Min/Maxing, all or nothing. You’ll find yourself logging in not because you have fun playing, but in order to get more gear, to become more powerful to get more gear and become more powerful even though your character is already strong enough to 1 hit things. Which creates things like Speedruns in dungeons, getting to the end of a dungeon faster and faster for the sole reason of going faster.

    However, since the game can be very grindy, many people take the shortcut and buy gold due to their own laziness, which causes the game to be broken once again, and gives them advantages over other user in PVP.

    As a person who has played games that required months grinding, I’m supportive of grind for a purpose, however this type of grinding does not solve anything other than make grinding a gear competition within the community, of who has the bigger E-peen.

    Player Vs Player

    PVP in this game is very depressing, and it is that way for many reasons. The first reason is that PVP is entirely Pay-To-Win when it comes to cash shop items and gear in general. They are unbalanced in PVP, meaning that anybody with a wallet will more than likely win every game that they play. With the recent update introducing Rare Avatars into the game, PVP has become more broken, as the rares give more stats than Advanced Avatars, pandering to anybody willing to give the developers a dollar to achieve artificial success. These avatars allow players to move not only faster, but also make them become stronger, allowing less skilled players to pull off combos and get kills they otherwise wouldn’t without these avatars. Many players now have these new avatars for PVP specifically.

    Gear also causes a huge imbalance in pvp, meaning that people with the best gear will more than likely win against you. Epic gear, the best gear in the game, is guilty of this imbalance. Many people that have full Epic gear sets will also more than likely make you feel the pain. As Ranked PVP has just recently come out, the higher ranked matches consist of people with the best gear possible. If you don’t have at least a few Epic or Legendary items, you’ll more than likely lose and end up losing matches that you could have won. Your ability to do well in PVP will be heavily determined on how geared your player is.

    Gold Buyers also have a huge advantage in PVP due to having access to the best gear for PVP without actually having to work for it. So it will bring more pain. Although there have been circumstances where a few people at higher levels of PVP were able to win while being at a gear, class or avatar advantage, it still doesn’t change the fact that this game’s Player vs. Player is consisted around what gear you use and how much you’ll pay to get ahead of other people. It is Gear-To-Win. It is also very obvious that Neople does not have any idea how to balance the gameplay properly.

    Classes are also imbalanced in PVP to the point where some will excel at PVP where other classes don’t. Some classes aren’t even allowed to PVP due to how unbalanced they are, such as Knight and Creator. PVP becomes nothing more than a Rock Paper Scissors match, where the class you play will either have an big advantage or big disadvantage to the class you’re competing against. Classes such as Dark Knight are very overpowered in PVP, with very little drawbacks, and decide games within the first minute, and is the reason why they are banned from competitive tournaments.

    Another reason is this game has huge amounts of lag in PVP. Instead of using a server-like connection where all players are judged by their connection to the main server, this game used Peer-To-Peer connection, where players are judged by how far the live from each other. This brings the problem of laggers who know that they lag still playing from areas which they should not be playing from, such as China. Any small amount of latency will affect player matches for both players.

    PVP gameplay mechanics can be exploited easily, causing undesirable gameplay. Things such as “Warp-Grabbing” come to mind, where player hitboxes can be exploited with grab moves. New players that don’t know how to avoid these types of exploits will get frustrated easily.


    As a person that has seen many gaming communities, I have to say that this has the worst community I’ve seen in any game. The community is very toxic, immature, disrespectful and annoying. People are always arguing about the stupidest things over yell chats, which are known as Megaphones in the game, for the whole server to see. All of the worst types of people flock to this game. The community is also rampant with weeaboos, trolls, idiots, doomsayers and Korean/Neople fanboys which will insult anybody over any criticism of the game. Any criticism towards the game is met ridicule, and the ignorant mindset that Neople makes no mistakes, and can do no wrong. Neople’s Dungeon Fighter Online page is also rampant with these types of players.

    Neople doesn’t have or own their own forum for the game, which means you’ll need to use 3rd party Dungeon Fighter Forums, which are filled with people said above, and are less than inviting. The only other way is to contact Neople on the Facebook page or Support page.


    Lore? What lore? There isn’t any. If there is a story in this game you won’t experience it at all. The quests are very linear and don’t have much meaning, and after doing them on multiple characters they can become quite annoying and boring. A story is something that is experienced through gameplay from personal experience. This game has none. If there is one, it’s only on the paper of the developers, nothing else.

    Game Requirements/Game issues

    Although the game may state that it has low computer requirements, don’t let that fool you. This game is very heavy on your computer. It also has very huge memory leak on your CPU, all these problems fall into tune with games such as APB Reloaded, which suffers problems like this. After an hour of gameplay or less, this game will eat a lot of your RAM, up to 1.5 GB RAM. It has no better performance than a modern 3D game, even though it has worse graphics.

    It can cause horrible FPS(Fraps-Per-Second) lag during dungeons, and is noticeably worse when playing in a group with other people. It can delay skill inputs by a huge amount. In other words, this game has no optimization whatsoever. I’ve contacted Neople through their support service many months ago, and have sent them a total of two tickets about this problem, which none of these problems have been even remotely fixed months later.

    It seems that the developers are more concerned about updating the cash shop and incoming profit rather than outgoing spending, which is not healthy for a game in any way. After spending less than $50.00 on the new version of this game, due to the actions of the developers, I regret spending that money due to the way they operate things. The lag can also affect Player Vs. Player, to the point it can cause someone to lose matches.

    Final Verdict: I would not recommend this game to anyone due to the reasons above. However, if you decide to play it is recommended to not spend any money on this game, as the company only cares about making a huge profit while putting minimal effort into the structure of the game as said earlier, and only interested in marketing their competitive tournament scene to the global audience.

Dungeon Fighter Online
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Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D online mulitplayer action RPG that closely resembles old school beat’ em ups like Streets of Rage & Double Dragon.
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