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Dead Frontier

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(70 votes, average: 2.07 out of 5)

  • SpacePhreek

    Has a Pay2win reputation.

  • Nicky (Violet)

    Not for casual players or people looking for a pay2win experience. Leveling’s such a slog it could literally take a couple years to reach the max level, there’s a definite learning curve, and most items on sale in the credit (cash) shop are easily gainable to experienced players with the right know-how at a hilariously discounted rate.

    Highlights include a thriving player economy, gameplay that feels like it was made to reward effort and spite people who try and buy success with $40 micro-payments (it adds up), and one of the most unforgiving end-game around . Most things in the credit shop aren’t worth it, but a subscription is quite nice and feels like a great deal. $8 for double exp and item drop rate, instant respawning on death, a discount at the credit shop, and 200 credits which alone would’ve cost $8 by itself for a month? To me, it feels like a better deal then most subscription games.

    If you have a short attention span for games or hate grinding this game definitely won’t be for you, but I can definitely think of more pointless things to waste your time and effort on.

  • Kaidence Peters

    This is a Pay2Win game, hands down. The more you pay with real world money,
    the more you win in time. I’m level 220, beat this game I guess you
    could say. It’s a pay to win
    game where your 95% screwed if you don’t pay into it. The servers are
    horrible and have incredible lag, example, when your killing a zombie
    and somebody from across the world (because this game doesn’t have
    server groups) joins / comes near you and you can see their green dot on
    the map, the zombie / boss might not die and it / other things around
    you will become almost un-killable and you’ll die.
    The server sync has been addressed by the admin and he thinks it’s fine, but his tests were shown on video and not proper tests.

    The market is a player ran market where simple things will cost you an arm
    and a leg, so again it’s designed where you have to buy membership /
    credits to sell the credits so you can in-turn blow huge amounts of
    money at the player ran market.

    Medical services (one of a few
    services) are commonly used to heal you, the doctors in dead frontier
    will sometimes go into cash cow mode and cost will go from 4,000 to heal
    to 60,000 just to heal.

    If your rich, and have a lot of money to
    piss away into a sub par game without active administration, has severe
    lag issues, player ran market, virtually no-updates aside from pay to
    own limited edition weapons @ the credit shop but you still don’t mind
    and want to kill some zombies and see the blood fly, this games for you!
    game is not good for people without real world money, tones of time. If
    your a streamer and sponsored give it a try, otherwise there’s better
    games that don’t need money for sub par gameplay.

    (Get over it, it’s a review, and I beat dead frontier, this is my review. Flaming is unacceptable)

Dead Frontier
3D Adventure Sci-Fi Shooter
PC, Mac
Dead Frontier is browser based take on the classic zombie apocalypse theme. A shady pharmaceutical company creates a wonder drug but it all goes horribly wrong.
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Dead Frontier Game Profile Banner
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
3D Adventure Sci-Fi Shooter