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Dead Frontier Game Profile Banner

Dead Frontier

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  • SpacePhreek

    Has a Pay2win reputation.

  • Nicky (Violet)

    Not for casual players or people looking for a pay2win experience. Leveling’s such a slog it could literally take a couple years to reach the max level, there’s a definite learning curve, and most items on sale in the credit (cash) shop are easily gainable to experienced players with the right know-how at a hilariously discounted rate.

    Highlights include a thriving player economy, gameplay that feels like it was made to reward effort and spite people who try and buy success with $40 micro-payments (it adds up), and one of the most unforgiving end-game around . Most things in the credit shop aren’t worth it, but a subscription is quite nice and feels like a great deal. $8 for double exp and item drop rate, instant respawning on death, a discount at the credit shop, and 200 credits which alone would’ve cost $8 by itself for a month? To me, it feels like a better deal then most subscription games.

    If you have a short attention span for games or hate grinding this game definitely won’t be for you, but I can definitely think of more pointless things to waste your time and effort on.