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Adventure Quest Worlds

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  • Dotdotdot

    Game was worth joining back in the day but not now. Poor releases,the developers flood the game with rare items every week and new classes almost everytime theres a huge event requiring rep to grind for and they rerelease clones of old classes as new classes. The only benefit now will probably playing through the chaos saga and the queen of monsters saga which is amazing. But they take forever in completing the main sagas they took 5-6 years just to complete the chaos saga but no one knows how long until they complete the queen of monsters saga. But this game is the first game I’ve seen that offers both membership services and micro currency the nonmembers rarley benefit from the game anymore since Artix entertainment hit a rough spot and lost some of their staff members by firing them or some of them quitting or for other personal reasons. But the staff members on AQWorlds aren’t the same like back in the day I wouldn’t recommand joining AQWorlds unless you like the storylines the players are usually afk in yulgar’s inn or some are adventuring but there are alot of players cheating with bots. Also the playerbase in this game has dropped severly since 2012-2014 they used to have alot of players and now less then 10,000 players log into this game so you can see the same people quite alot.

    • Dotdotdot

      Just thought I should update. I log on AQWorlds periodically and I haven’t seen the playerbase hit above 6,000 in over a month. The playerbase count dropped down to 4,500 players which isn’t suprising for AQWorlds nowadays due to the content that’s being released it’s either boring or just rereleased clones of old stuff like I said a month ago. But what I didn’t mention in my review is their support team is horrible with players. I had bad experiences with them and let’s just say I got punished for something that wasn’t entirely my fault. But if they would treat their players better and have better support service and better content in their game I’m sure players would come back but that’s just my opinion and my complete review about AQWorlds.

    • Dotdotdot

      I feel I should leave this here to. I do admit part of it was my fault but the support team was refusing to listen to what I was trying to request they don’t really listen and one time I was even muted 24 hours just because I gave an opinion about one of their artists ingame content and I’m not joking about this actually happened. I emailed them and they threatened to mute me longer if I emailed them again and they didn’t even tell me why I was muted or worked with me and I’ve had similar problems like this with them. And if you asked other players who spoke with player support I’m sure some will say they are horrible but I’d rate the AQW support team 1 star out of 10 stars if I was reviewing them. This will also probably be my last post here I just realized I wasn’t 100% clear about the AQW support team and wanted to make a few things clear since I’ve seen people say certain things while not saying the entire story.