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Wurm Online is a totally unique, highly accessible online wilderness MMORPG that will drag you in, shake you up and down, bite you, annoy you, drive you completely mad and leave you wondering why you didn’t find it a million years ago!

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Publisher: Code Club AB
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: PvP Server
Filesize: ~ 1GB

Pros: +Open-ended, sandbox gameplay. +In-depth crafting, housing, and other features.

Cons: -No sense of direction. -Steep learning curve. -Dated gameplay. -Subscription required to enjoy full game benefits.

Free Trial Restrictions: Skill & Characteristic cap of 20. Faith & favor cap of 30. Cannot create or take ownership of deed. Inactive characters deleted after 2 months.trans

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Wurm Online Overview

Wurm Online is a java-based MMO sandbox survival fantasy game developed by independent game developer Code Club AB, formerly OneTooFree AB and founded by Mojang Specifications (Rolf Jansson and Markus ‘Notch’ Persson of Minecraft). Players set their own goals in a complicated and extensively modifiable world inhabited by other players. From building large cities to living as a nomad fighting for survival or completing tasks for other players, each player decides their own fate in this completely open-ended world.

Core Features:

  • Explore huge, diverse and wild landmasses extending over 512sq km in total.
  • Modify the terrain; dig, mine, raise, flatten, also using gardening and planting choosing from a rich flora to further sculpt the land to your specifications.
  • Persistent world where everything you create, change and affect will leave a long lasting mark for everyone to behold.
  • Found your own settlement wherever you desire; own land, build a farm, a castle, or perhaps an entire village.
  • Craft and use over a thousand of unique items.
  • Free form multistory house building with several type of materials an color options.
  • Build a wide variety of structures like guard towers, fences, statues and much more.
  • Construct, crew or captain any of the six different ship types. From small rowing boats to impressive caravels.
  • Capture and breed creatures from the wild and tame monsters to use as your devoted minions or pets.
  • Many types of mounts, ranging from horses and carts to unicorns, bears and even monsters.
  • Improve infrastructure by paving roads, planting signs to connect settlements, dig wells, set up traders among many other options.
  • Live off the land by creating fields to farm a wide variety of crops.
  • Cook food and use alchemy with plenty of recipes, combining ingredients and recourses found in the environment.
  • Full loot PvP or traditional PvE server alternatives.
  • Discover and fight over religious artifacts which can trigger things like giant terraforming events to help your kingdom on the PvP servers.
  • Follow and become a priest or champion of any of the four unique religions with epic deities to learn powerful spells and enchantments.
  • Choose one of five meditation paths and take advantage of special meditation abilities.
  • Train 133 Skills, 10 Player Characteristics and 3 Religion Characteristics.
  • 200+ skill and achievement titles to earn.
  • Hunt a rich fauna of creatures and monsters for experience, food and important ingredients.

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System Requirements

Wurm Online System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: 1 GhZ  Processor
RAM: 512 MB
Graphics Card: 32mb

Recommended Specifications:
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU:  Pentium 4 2.0 GHz or better
RAM: 1 GB or more
HDD: 1 GB or more
Graphics Card: 128mb or better

Wurm Online Articles

  • 2015 MMO Predictions – The Rise of Buy to Play Sandboxes - Posted on January 15, 2015
    2014 was, for me, the year of failed games and lost hope. Maybe 2015 will prove to be the year of great buy-to-play sandbox MMOs. My predictions are: ESO will continue to lose its player-base until it's forced to reconsider its payment model and will hopefully switch to the Buy-to-Play model.
  • ‘Wurm Online’ Expands With New Gameplay Mode & New Features - Posted on December 11, 2014
    Independent games developer and publisher Code Club AB is proud to announce a new ‘Challenge’ gameplay mode available today, in addition to a host of other cool features and additions to their popular Wurm Online virtual world.

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