Traveling in MMORPGs

Many MMORPGs nowadays have vast, sprawling worlds that can be explored to your heart’s content; allowing you to cross sweeping, ever-changing landscapes that can either be beauty incarnate or road kill ugly depending on the game and your graphics card. Although traveling on foot does allow you to see the world, it’s often a slow affair that, depending on the size of the game, can drag out for a while. Sure, you may have the option to teleport to a previously visited town, but then you don’t get to experience the wilderness.

3939  360x270 ragnarok online kafra

Ragnarok Online – Kafra NPCs let you Teleport Around

I want to fly away

There are some MMORPGs that let you take the path less traveled in a more interesting way, or allow you to wander off altogether to places you could never go in an RPG that only gives you a pair of boots as transport. Probably the most bizarre method of travel can be found in Flyff (Fly For Fun) where your plate-eyed chibi character is able to hop on the back of a variety of sky-sailing gizmos such as flying bikes, broomsticks and hover boards. Soaring around this anime world feels incredibly liberating as there are virtually no limits on where you can go. If you feel like taunting gravity with a dragon-headed broomstick, this is the game to do it in. Flyff: sucker punch gravity and steal its wallet. Gala Labs, if you’re reading, you have a new tagline. No need to thank me.

2775  360x270 zu online flying

Flying in Zu Online. Fly For Fun was one of the first MMORPGs with Flying Mounts, but now countless MMOs have them

Skyrockets in flight

Gliding through the clouds is one way to get around, but why not go further and launch yourself into space? Allods Online lets you do just that, except they don’t call it space; rather it’s the Astral. Once you get to a higher level you can take a bunch of quests that see you learn how to build these hulking Astral Ships and sail them through the blue ether. Not only are you able to take control of such an awesome piece of engineering, you can also have a crew to help with a variety of tasks such as navigation, steering, cannons, repairing and using the navigator visor to help in combat. Having five other players undertaking these roles really makes you feel like you’re on a living ship where everyone’s job is crucial. It may take you time to reach the higher levels, but when you do, Allods really steps up a gear and delivers a fresh and exciting realm of exploration.

22507  360x270 allods online fountains

Allods Online Gameplay Screenshot

Hoist the sails

From the big black to the big blue, let’s head back to earth and look at adventuring on the waves. Uncharted Waters Online is all about the life of the salty sea-dog, with the main mode of transport being the ships you build. Since a main chunk of the game revolves around exploration and trading, sailing is not only a mode of transport, but a way to earn a living. You can upgrade your ship with equipment to give you an edge in the water, such as sails and cannons, as well as loading it up with food and crew. UWO has all the fun of ocean exploration without the weevil-ridden biscuits and the scurvy. Again, KOEI, if you’re reading- put that line on the next banner ad. It’s marketing gold, my friends.

33031  360x270 uncharted waters online combat

Sailing the Seas in Uncharted Waters Online

Yes, it may be true that these boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, but it’s also nice to be able to see the world in a different way, whether it be flying, sailing or rocketing through space.

So that’s a look at some of the ways to get around in MMORPGs. Have you got any suggestions? Anything I’ve missed?

By, Scott Malthouse

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