Toy Monsters First Impressions

Toy Monsters First Impressions

By Harry Ka-yan Cheung

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Toy Monsters is a browser based tactical game. Toy Monsters holds a strange turn-based type online game that holds some very unique aspects to it. There is no multiplayer feature as of yet, but there is a hint of some kind of friend system.  The game is set in a toy-sized environment where the player must fight off alien toys.

Character Selection

Players may select between four different “monsters” as they start up the game for the first time. These monsters do not have classes or names; they are only for the difference in appearance. Each monster has different colors a player can choose for their monster but other than that, there is no customization.

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Creating and Selecting a “Monster” 

Missions & Quests

Players must select a mission and complete quests to advance in the game. Missions are the areas where a player will be engaging in battle. These battles vary in play time depending if a player is up against a boss or not. Toy Monsters offers up to six missions as of right now. These missions all hold their own quests and as missions are completed, players can advance to the next mission. As players play through missions and battles, they will level up and receive certain rewards for leveling up. Most of the time, the reward consists of gold and vigor.

Missions 620x480

Mission Selection Screen


The gameplay is very unique. It has a turn-based style to it which consists of the players selecting their action and then all the monsters on the board initiate their action. The monsters are set on a board with items laid out throughout the board. The board holds offensive, defensive, and power-up items. The monsters must land on their selected spaces and defeat the other monsters. After completing quests and arriving to the end of the mission, a player must defeat the boss of the mission whom is significantly stronger than the rest. After every stage, the player receives a chest which contains rewards such as useful items or coins. The gameplay was enjoyable to an extent but very repetitive. Toy Monsters’ gameplay is probably one of the most repetitive I’ve played in a while.

Boss 620x480

An item in use and a boss’ health compared to a player’s


Vigor is a type of stamina/fatigue system. Every time a player plays through a stage, vigor points will be deducted. Max vigor is raised every time a player levels up, but a player can also choose to buy vigor to surpass the maximum amount. The cost of every battle is quite significant. A player uses up around ten vigor or more every battle. This would mean a player with vigor that is not surpassed the maximum amount can only do about three battles before they must wait for their vigor to reset.

Level up reward 620x465

Vigor is shown at the top and the max increase is also shown in the level up


Players can purchase upgrades, vigor, coins, or gold from the shop. This gives an advantage to those who will buy gold and coins because they can be used to make progress on a player’s monster. Everything in the store can be obtained by players without spending money as well. Also, although the it may give a player an advantage in leveling, there is currently no multiplayer so there is no real advantage over other players at the moment. As players level up, they can gain gold and coins which allows them to purchase more vigor or advancements to their characters.

Shop 620x464

Vigor buying


Graphics – 2/5 The graphics mostly consist of still images. Items and some idle animations are basically the only graphics worth mentioning.

Gameplay – 1/5 The gameplay is only worth mentioning because it’s pretty unique but it has nothing to offer.

Community – 1/5 Community is non-existent. There is also no forum.

Customization – 1/5 Nearly non-existent. A selection of four characters and five different colors.

Overall – 1.25/5 Credit given for effort and unique gameplay but Toy Monsters does not have very much to offer for players who are looking for something interactive or strategic. There are many more games that hold unique features and are much more engaging.

Want to play? Head over to the homepage here

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