The Rise of Post-Apocalyptic MMOs

It seems that when considering a future where the world has been reduced to a burnt-out apple core due to some world leaders playing lawn darts with nukes, people are in two camps. One group hopes that they’ll be the first to get their fleshy selves annihilated in the primary blasts to save themselves from being crapped up by radiation. They welcome the sweet embrace of fiery death with open arms and want nothing to do with the ‘post ‘part of the apocalypse. Then there’s the other group who envisage themselves traversing the scorched earth on the back of a spider-llama, picking off mutant stragglers with their newly acquired eye-beams. They long to live in huts made of car doors and trade Gillette razors for ray gun ammunition.

Sadly the people who see themselves surviving in a brave new world are going to be disappointed if worldwide nuclear war does break out, since most of us would be reduced to ash and then even further ash. However, the fantasy remains and with games like the Fallout series enjoying a new found popularity more people are wanting to experience an MMO set in a nuclear wasteland.

34277  360x270 argo online avatar

Argo Online – A post Apocalyptic steam-punk fantasy MMORPG

The sky is falling

You can’t blame them really. Looking at games like Fallen Earth gives me the urge to tie a dirty rag around my face and try to use bottle caps as currency in my local supermarket. This game is probably the current king of the classic post-apocalyptic vision: a population split into factions, having to scavenge junk to create more useful junk, like a homeless MacGyver; and a massive world to explore, with 70 towns you can visit / loot. Fallen Earth is the closest you’re going to get to traversing the blasted land of Fallout 3, because it doesn’t look like Fallout Online will be happening any time soon.

31670  360x270 fallen earthhead shots

Fallen Earth – an open world sci-fi themed post-apocalyptic MMORPG

The future…with added toolbars!

While we all know cash will become meaningless once the bombs start their demented wailing, right now it’s a precious commodity to be cherished. If you’d rather not shell out on a slice of Fallen Earth’s gritty pie then, to be quite frank, there aren’t a whole lot of options. If you have a good imagination and can bear static screens with less going on with them than in the collective brains of the entire Jersey Shore cast, then you could do worse than Deadlands 3000.
While being a typical browser game, Deadlands 3000 does have some features that may make it worth more than thirty minutes playtime. For instance some of the artwork is nice, depicting a slew of sci-fi horrors and environments and there’s some sort of graphical map for when you’re exploring locales such as rat-infested sewers.

34890  360x270 battlestar galactica online gameplay

Battlestar Galactica Online – Sort of Post-Apocalyptic!

I’m invincible-ish!

One of the latest additions to the slowly growing post-apocalypse MMO repertoire is a game that plopped onto my doorstep yesterday: Earthrise. It’s pay-to-play so you misers better be warned, but the concept is a good one. Mankind is building a new society after World War Three – one complete with nanotechnology and clones that act as meat vessels for people’s consciousness’ when they meet the reaper. Now there’s a super-strict but seemingly benevolent uni-government in place that seems to be playing god with its clones, deciding who lives and who dies. Earthrise is a classless MMO that wallows in big fat customisation and lets you conquer and defend territory. There’s also a nifty crafting system similar to Fallen Earth where you can customise your weapons and items.

So MMOs set in a post-apocalyptic world are finally coming out of the woodwork. Sure, there aren’t many free ones right now but with time we should see more and more appear on the digital market. Let’s just hope it happens before we’re all blown to kingdom come.

By, Scott Malthouse

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