Tabula Rasa Should Have Went Free to Play

Tabula Rasa was a pay to play sci-fi themed MMORPG published by NCSoft which released ┬áin November 2, 2007 and shut down 2 years later in February 28, 2009. Isn’t it a shame that a game that cost NCSoft a whopping $106 million to develop should go to waste? There’s no doubt the game was a financial disaster for NCSoft, as the game only made $6 million in revenue since release, but instead of shutting the game down all together, NCSoft should have released the game the game as a free to play title or at least licensed the game to a free to play game publisher like Aeriagames or Outspark.

Tabula Rasa Gameplay

NCSoft wouldn’t have been doing anything out of the ordinary if they just decided to make the game free to play. Both RF Online and Archlord used to be pay to play games but are free to play today. More recently, The Chronicles of Spellborn and Dungeons and Dragons Online went free to play as well. There’s no guarantee that Tabula Rasa would have been a success as a free to play game, but I’m sure more people would have given the game a chance. After all, Tabula Rasa was largely well received, as it received a 4 out of 5 from GameSpy and an 8 out of 10 from Eurogamer. Aggregate reviews on GameRankings reveal that Tabula Rasa even scored higher by critics than Dungeons and Dragons Online, which has been enormously successful since going free to play. In fact, Dungeons and Dragons Online makes MUCH more money today now that it’s free to play than it ever did when it was pay to play.

dungeons and dragons online attack

Dungeons and Dragons Online Gameplay

In case you never heard of Tabula Rasa, it was a sci-fi MMORPG with unique fast paced combat. The game was largely developed by Richard Gariott, who also played a big role in the development of Ultima Online – the first ever mega popular MMORPG. The game was surprisingly fun, but it only lasted two years before being shut down. It has some interesting PvP options and a nice selection of playable classes.

chronicles of spellborn questing

The Chronicles of Spellborn Gameplay

What do you guys think? I think it’s a huge waste to see a game that cost so much to develop get shut down. If NCSoft didn’t want to run the game, they should sell the license to someone who does as a free to play game. Heck. Maybe NCSoft will bring the game back. Who knows.

Tabula Rasa R.I.P.

By, Omer Altay.

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