Spirit Tales Press Preview

Spirit Tales, published by KoramGame, is a new version of Glory Destiny Online, designed specifically for Western audiences.  MMOHuts had an opportunity to participate in a preview of the game, letting us get a first look at what you can expect from this whimsical fantasy adventure before it enters closed beta.

49628  420x310 spirit tales worldmap

As always, our first task in the game was to create a character.  Spirit Tales has three races: Gold Kirin, Maned Dragon and Lunar Fox.  Each race has two classes, for six total starting classes.  All classes show your beast form during creation, too.  Male characters are fierce looking and animalistic in these forms, but females, unfortunately, suffer from a more simplistic design.  We decided on a Lunar Fox Assassin, and proceeded to the customization screen.  There is quite a selection for all the customization options (hair, face, race specials, tails, and skin color), which is refreshing to see.

We were then treated to a cut-scene that provided some of the game’s lore: the three races once all mingled and traded together, living peacefully in the world.  Suddenly, an invasion from the North forced them to band together to fight against these new foes.  While the story is slightly cliché, the simple roots helped to expand a sense of the world we were entering.

49624  420x310 spirit tales creation

After the opening sequence, we were taught how to quest through a small tooltip on the side of our screen.  We also received our first quest from the village chief through this pop-up.  Moving around in the world can be done with WASD and the arrow keys, as well as using click to move.  The camera is rotated by holding the right mouse button.

Right clicking interacts with most objects in game.  After talking with the the item trader (like our quest directs us), we earn some experience, copper, and 15 health and mana potions.  Nice.  The beginning quests teach you about important NPCs and their functions, like the item trader, weapon trader, armor trader, and medic.  Our next task is to kill some evil flowers that are attacking farmers.

49625  420x310 spirit tales foxsassin

This gives us our first taste of combat in Spirit Tales.  Double left-clicking on an enemy starts auto-attack.  Using skills is slightly different, as you must first place the skill on your action bar, and then press the corresponding number to map it to right click.  Right click then uses that skill.  It’s a bit awkward at first, but it’s also not terribly hard to get used to: all it takes is remembering to switch skills by pressing the action bar number, and then using right click to activate them.  Once we’ve killed our eight flowers, we return to town as the triumphant hero.  Loot from defeated monsters is handled automatically, which is nice.

As we were killing flowers, we also leveled up.  This yielded us a skill point, and another tooltip came up to help us learn to distribute it.  Spirit Tales uses a skill tree system for each class, containing both active and passive skills.  Many of the skills are tiered, meaning in order to learn the skill we have to put the requisite amount of points into the skill (usually three or five).  Putting skill points into an ability costs currency in addition to the skill point.  You can respec at any time before level 30; however, you’re not refunded for the money spent on the skills.

49626  420x310 spirit tales lionessrawr

The game also features an auto-routing system to easily get to NPCs and monsters.   While the routing is generally fine, there were occasional obstacles that got us stuck.  These are few and far between, fortunately.

Spirit Tales allows for weapon crafting.  These weapons far outclass anything else you can get at the level required to equip them.  To craft a set of level 10 daggers, we had to collect raw ingredients.  These items are somewhat rare, so some grinding was required. You can access information about each monster’s drops through the user interface, which makes finding what you need easier.  We were also able to enhance our weapons and armor.  The first three upgrades are guaranteed with the beginning upgrade items.  After that, there is a good chance your item will be destroyed if you continue.  Weapons gain more attack power, and armor gains increased stats, like HP, MP, Strength and Agility.  Armor also has benefits for upgrading it further, shown at the bottom of each piece.

49623  420x310 spirit tales crafting

In the starting area, you get to choose one of three pets.  Once you’ve reached level 15 and complete a quest, you can capture additional monsters by using rice balls.  Monsters can also be fused together to gain additional skills and passive abilities.

Spirit Tales also features a nice achievement system.  There are many named monsters that are much more difficult to kill than the monsters around them.  Each of these rare monsters, when killed, earns the character an achievement, and most also give a title.  Titles aren’t simply cosmetic, either.  Every title we unlocked gave an additional boost; for example, Glorious Shield Soldier (one we obtained simply by doing quests) gave us a boost to attack speed and parry.

49627  420x310 spirit tales transformation

Spirit Tales holds a lot of promise.  The game is colorful and easy to play.  It also promises a lot of depth with the talent trees, pet system and crafting.  Beta testing will begin soon, so if you’re interested in vibrant, whimsical design and an entertaining experience overall, Spirit Tales might be the game for you. Keep your eyes peeled for more Spirit Tales features here on MMOHuts.



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