SOE Hosts Webcast for Wizardry Online

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SOE Hosts Webcast for Wizardry Online 

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Yesterday, December 13, 2012, Sony Online Entertainment hosted a webcast discussing feedback from the closed beta of Wizardry Online as well as the announcement of the open beta which starts now through the full launch on January 16th.

You can checkout the full webcast here: but we’ve also broken down the details for you here.

Based on feedback the developers decided to allow players to skip cut scenes and tutorials faster. Now players are able to hit the “ESC” Key to skip a scene. Developers learned that PvP was extremely popular from players logging in all over the world. Several bounties were paced on prominent PKers.

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The developers also plan to switching the soul name from the Japanese style to a western style. The marketplace will demonstrate the true cash shop but with gold purchases for testing: everything set at 10k gold for testing. So for now no station cash will be needed.  There will be a gift for closed beta and open beta testing (open beta possibly better), however there will be a soul wipe from closed beta and will be another before launch.

The closed beta allowed the developers the chance to figure out how the servers worked along with character balancing while open beta will focus on community concerns, in game rules, cash shop, and stress testing the servers. They have confirmed a separate European server and players will now have the option to choose a server before creating a character. Along with this developers promise no lag!


*In game tip for open beta players* Once you’ve created your character you can roll a stat bonus to add to your characters stats. You can actually roll a number as high as 70, but you shouldn’t settle for less than a 12, however, rolling a 70 takes many hours and according to the developers, all the servers are run by hamsters just rolling to get devs 70s.

Check out the full webcast for more details along with the Wizardry Online Wiki


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