Smite Champion Spotlight – Ymir is Here

Ymir does have one powerful trick up his sleeves however. If you can catch an enemy god with frost breath, then while they are frozen, use glacial strike to cause a bit of damage and slow them down, you can bring up the ice wall behind them and if you timed it right, bust out Ymir’s ulti, Shards of Ice (4). Shards of Ice has a 3 second casting time while Ymir freezes the air around him, creating ice shards to form on his back, then blasting them in a large area around him doing some massive damage once leveled up. You are looking at around 1200 without┬ápumping up Ymir’s magic power, which, this ability adds 200% of Ymir’s magic power as additional damage.


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Now all of Ymir’s abilities also inflict frostbite, which is his passive ability. Enemies that have been bitten by the frost of Ymir’s abilities will now take 50% more damage from Ymir’s basic melee attack. This helps deal a little bit more damage but Ymir’s abilities are strengthened by magical power like I said before, so unless you have boosted your physical power this doesn’t help all too much. So with everything said about his abilities, you may want to start with either the Glacier Strike or Frost Breath to help you farm and harass better in the early game but before you get to level five to get your ultimate, I would suggest 1-2-1 for your abilities. Ice Wall won’t have much additional benefit early game being jacked up and Frost Breath’s freeze time is long enough to keep most everyone where your teammate can get them so with Glacier Strike being the only damage dealer it has the most purpose early game. Also, having Ymir’s ultimate early isn’t that important because it still can’t really do the heavy damage plus you are still very slow so it could be pushed back until later in the ability tree if you feel like holding off a little.


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As for the build, every god will have a list of recommended items that, if you leave the auto item level up checked, you will automatically purchase these in game when you have enough gold and are by the shop. The Reinforced boots are nearly a must early game because of the crowd control resistance, health regen and decent physical protection. Plus all the boots have a passive speed buff that when maxed out increase your movement speed by 21%, and for tanks, every extra step counts. As for creating your own ice monster, there seems only to be two choices, either uber tank with utility in mind, or mini tank where you can still do a bit of damage but can’t take as much.

When the game starts, check the store (I) and buy the reinforced boots right off the bat, but then, to take as much punishment as possible go find the defense section of the menu and look at getting items like Hide of Leviathan, which gives physical and magical protection and additional health and mana, and the Breastplate of Valor. Then try to grab any of the other armors available that suit your needs. However, if you are like me and still want to be able to deal out some pain in return, you can pick up the Void Stone, which will still help with magical protection but also gives you a little bit of magical power to basically boost your ultimate. But be warned, towers and assassins can now crack the ice a little easier if you sacrifice your defense like this.

ymir pose


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smite 2012 08 15 19 01 47 110


smite 2012 08 15 19 04 18 597


But don’t fret, you can still do some SMITEing of your own…


smite 2012 08 15 19 11 19 442


All in all, Ymir has quite a bit of longevity in this battle of the gods and is a true asset to any team when in the hands of a tank master. When the games begin and you join the SMITEing, Ymir is a solid choice to get your feet wet with, and when you are ready to take the plunge and get really involved, Ymir is also a good fall back for anyone that may have had their favorite god locked in by somebody else.


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