Smite Champion Spotlight – Ymir is Here

Smite Champion Spotlight – Ymir is Here

by BakermanBrad

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Ymir, the father of the frost giants of the Norse mythological line, and gran-daddy to Odin has returned to serve up some chilled SMITEing. This beastly block of ice is a steadfast tank ready to weather the heat of battle. No single team can truly be complete without a damage soaker and of the first five gods available for immediate play on SMITE, that tank is Ymir. Whether he is being used to distract a tower to help push through the enemy defenses or hold the line for a hasty retreat, Ymir is here to help. His abilities are increased by magical power but his usefulness comes from being able to absorb damage and keeping enemies where you want them.

Now as for being a member of the team, you do NOT want to have Ymir trying to push the middle, because unless the other god is standing at the other tower, twiddling their thumbs, you will be pushed, hard. Ymir is going to be best paired with an assassin or a mage that can dish out the damage that he can’t really do early on, plus both of the abilities you can choose from before the ultimate, aside from Glacial Strike (2), which creates ice shards to burst up out of the ground in a short path in front of you to damage and slow enemies down for a few seconds, are utility based and do not deal any damage.


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Ice Wall (1) is pretty straight forward. Ymir raises up a large wall of ice to block the path of enemies who are either trying to retreat with the little life they have left or to rescue a teammate who is being pursued. While in the jungle, the wall will block the entire path so make sure you know when to plug the hole, cause if you trap your teammate in with three or four enemy gods…they will not like you. So, if you are afraid you may not time that just right, you have Frost Breath (3) that you can use. Ymir freezes everything in a cone in front of him for a few seconds while you and your team can bring the pain, or avoid being SMITEd yourself.


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