Smite Champion Spotlight – Ra, Totally Ra-wesome!

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But why run when you can stand and… heal


That covers some survivability issues for Ra, but now let’s talk business, some Ra-wesome business. Ra’s ultimate is Searing Pain (4), with all of Ra’s abilities doing decent damage with faster cooldowns, Searing Pain is just the right touch to end a vicious combo or to reach out and SMITE that fleeing god that thinks he is safe. Doing up to 700 damage (+100%) of your magical power) Searing Pain is a blast of intense light that Ra directs out in front of him with incredible range. If range is the plus side of this ability, lack of direction change and a rather narrow casting path would be the downside. Timing, aim, and a touch of luck is very important when unleashing the fury of the sun.


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All of Ra’s skills are beneficial and the first five level ups kind of depend on if you are mid or not. If you go mid, I suggest a 2-0-2-1 so you can do deal and heal as much as possible to push the lane. As for non mid, if you want to be a little more supportive you can spread the level up into Solar Blessing, and if you want to clear the lane of minions as fast as possible build towards Celestial Beam but regardless of lane, I find that Divine light is not as important early on and can be pushed back for the first few levels.


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Speaking of getting pushed back…


To really put the hurt on your enemies, I mentioned earlier that you want to get as much magical power as possible. I did come across an item build that brought Ra’s magical power up to 715 which is ridiculous! The only problem is that this build is also a little ridiculous to max out if you are playing against players that have two brain cells to rub together, and hit tab to check out player stats and see that you are going all magic with zero defense. When you have no defense assassins love you, find you, and try to kill you. So realistically the build I am about to list may not be the best choice but I want you to know about it just in case.

Start with Boots of the Magi for a speed and magic power boost this item is nearly a must early, but if you are confident in your evasive abilities you can sell them later for a different item if you want.

The Obsidian Shard is good to get next for the magical penetration it gives your abilities while still adding magic power; after that the Rod of Tahuti really increases the UV index for Ra’s abilities by giving +125 magic power and, once maxed out, increases your magical power by an additional 25%! Follow that up with the book of Thoth for another +100mp and Polynomicon for +75mp and a 10% magic lifesteal.

The cool thing about this item is that once you use an ability, your next basic attack does 100% of your magic power as extra damage. The last item in the uber mage build is either the Gem of Isolation which adds +70mp and will slow enemies hit by your abilities, or the Warlock’s Sash which only gives you +50mp but has a unique bonus that gives +.5mp per stack which doesn’t sound like much until you find out that this can stack 80 times and is a permanent stack!


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Remember, I said that build was for an uber-Ra when it comes to bringing the pain regardless of what spf sunblock the other players brought with them. The problem is getting the gold needed for this build AND avoiding being SMITEd repeatedly, which then your team is probably going to be upset with you basically feeding the other team with easy kills. So a little bit of defense is going to be necessary. A good one to still help with your abilities, while keeping you alive is the Breastplate of Valor which gives you +75 physical protection and a 20% cooldown rate for abilities.


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Overall, Ra is probably one of the best gods I’ve seen and is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. He is a great choice for beginners and experts alike and will be a great addition to any team, plus free is always good. When used with a good team, the push can be devastating and demoralizing, which can scare some people into leaving the game I guess. So get ready to bring the Searing Pain of the sun to the battlefield of the gods and SMITE your way to victory.



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