Smite Champion Spotlight – Ra, Totally Ra-wesome!

Smite Champion Spotlight – Ra, Totally Ra-wesome!

By BakermanBrad

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Without the sun, there would be no light, no warmth, no life. Without Ra, there would be no sun. Needless to say, the Egyptian sun god, wields the power of the sun to SMITE those who would dare look into the light. Of the starting five gods available for everyone when they join SMITE, Ra is the only Mage and has such high magical power but lower physical power and defense. Now Ra is great for pushing a lane and can do so without much help from the other gods which makes him a great mid lane choice. If you team him up with a tank or assassin on either side, Ra is just as effective for the long range SMITEing while your partner either soaks up the damage or is sneaking around enemy lines.

With that said, you must watch out for anyone that decides to come up behind you for the gank because of the lower defense and health of the mages. Obviously as the title mage implies, Ra is going to want all the magical power under the sun that he can get so when he summons the intensity of the sun down upon his enemies to burn them to a crisp. Celestial Beam (1) will do just that, by calling down a beam of light from the sky that burns everything in a path before Ra, he can clean up minions quickly in just a few levels.


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Give’em a Little push…


Now what makes Ra a great mid lane god as well as great team mate is his Solar Blessing (3) ability. Calling down a pillar of blessed light, all allies within the blessing regain health while getting a physical and magical power buff. All enemies caught in the light are not only damaged, but are also afflicted with a physical and magical defense debuff, so make sure to catch some rays every chance you get. On the flip side, not everyone enjoys the sun as much as Ra. So when their buns are a little too toasty they may try to SMITE the sun god responsible, but when they get to close, Divine Light (2) can help make it a little difficult for your opponents. Ever try to look at the sun? Well when Ra uses Divine Light, light radiates from him for 3 seconds then the light explodes blinding players that are looking at Ra.

While talking about keeping some distance between you and those you want to SMITE, Ra’s passive ability, Light Speed, gives him a 10% groundspeed increase every time he uses an ability and this buff can stack three times. So a good escape plan, Solar Blessing (+10% speed) while the enemy approaches, backing up after bringing the heat with Celestial Beam (+20% speed), then turn and run while using Divine Light to deter any followers (now at +30% speed) and RUN.

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