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Heroes of Dragon Age Mobile Review

Posted by Ojogo On November - 17 - 2014
By Ojogo   Lately, we’ve been seeing a trend wherein companies get their selling franchises and port it off through various spin-offs in different consoles – either because it’s positively received enough to invest on the expansion of the series or it’s popular enough to further milk the fandom. Point is, we’re seeing a lot of popular games ported into easier produced bite-sized pieces for the latter reason. They tend to be carbon copies of other popular mobile games with minor unique...

World of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor Impressions

Posted by Ragachak On November - 14 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Feelings, Feelings There have been a ton of mixed reactions to the Warlords of Draenor; I watched someone have an 1100 hour wait just to log into the game at peak hours. Personally, I did not have quite that problem, but I logged in at 4am to begin gathering my thoughts on this expansion for my article. Granted, later in the day I did have about a forty five minute wait on Bloodscalp, but that’s minor compared to other people. There have been talks about DDoSing...

World of Warriors Review

Posted by Ojogo On November - 13 - 2014
By Ojogo Ever imagined a game where you can just play the various heroes and warriors in known human history and put them in no holds-barred battles, celebrity deathmatch? We have that answer in Mind Candy’s latest title for the iOS and Android, World of Warriors. Warriors World of Warriors uses humanity’s penchant for war by using warriors from the annals of warfare of various cultures/nations. The game’s roster hails from a mix of historical and mythological warriors designed to look like...

Trove Open Beta Review

Posted by ApocaRUFF On November - 12 - 2014
By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)   Introduction Trove is the latest addition to Trion’s growing list of available titles. The game is voxel-based, fully destructible, and has a similar, but brighter and more fluid, graphic style to Minecraft. It features elements from both sandbox and hack’n slash RPGs. You’re able to build to your hearts content in your own personal space which can be displayed in the open game world, while adventuring in beautiful and interesting worlds with friends....

DC Universe Online War of the Light Part II Press Preview

Posted by Jaime Skelton On November - 11 - 2014
By Eric Kandel (Misanthropologist) With early access beginning today, and full release coming on the 18th of this month (19th for the EU), DC Universe Online (DCUO) takes the next step in its “War of the Light” trilogy. The studio marks this down as uncharted territory, being that it’s the first time they’ve taken that second step into the trilogy projects they’ve begun. Why trilogies, you ask? The team explained that it was their goal to deliver longer, more impactful story...

The Defenders of Time Review

Posted by Proxzor On November - 11 - 2014
By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor)   Ever since people started making different mods and special maps in Warcraft 3, I always found the tower defense genre appealing. They were relaxing yet always chaotic in an enjoyable way. It always requires some strategic planning when you are building your own maze of destruction with limited resources. Up until I had heard of Defenders of Time, I was surprised no one had made this idea into a more full-fledged multiplayer experience. I have seen small games...

ArcheAge – Has Trion Messed Up?

Posted by ApocaRUFF On November - 10 - 2014
By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)     It seems like whenever I become invested into a free-to-play game, the company running it makes mistake after mistake, ruining the experience for myself and countless others. It happened back when I was playing in Age of Wushu and it’s happening again with ArcheAge. Some of the things that Trion has done this past week have left a lot of players scratching their heads and others threatening to quit.     Auroria – 11/4/2014 Anyone who played...

Air Brawl Kickstarter Demo Impressions

Posted by Abubakr On November - 7 - 2014
By Mohammad Abubakr Air Brawl is an arcade dog fighting game focusing on responsive flight controls and crazy weapons. The sole developer describes the game as the Team Fortress of dogfighters in the sense that the game is silly but still requires skill. The game is currently in its pre-alpha phases but it shows some great potential. Read on for my first impressions about the game’s multiplayer demo. Air Brawl focuses on the idea to allow players to use the map and its terrain to their advantage....

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