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Entropy Online Press Preview

Posted by Jaime Skelton On June - 26 - 2014
By W.B. Wemyess (Tagspeech)   The winds of change are blowing, in the land of MMORPGs. First it was the great shift to free-to-play, and now we’re seeing the reemergence of sandbox-style MMOs. Now, the tired old high fantasy settings are being steadily diluted by an influx of science-fiction games. Though some are arguably more or less sci-fi than others (Wildstar is decidedly earthbound), but the shift is there. Developers are seeing people getting tired of the same old garbage recycled...

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade: Founder’s Packs In Depth

Posted by Jaime Skelton On June - 25 - 2014
By Jaime Skelton (MissyS), Senior Editor   We gamers aren’t easy to pin down. We’re a passionate bunch, as equally capable of devotion as we are of hatred. We’re as happy to scream “TAKE MY MONEY” as we are to be stingy over Steam’s Summer Sale. To game developers, we can either be laughable lenient or unrealistically demanding. As a swarm, we are impossible to please – so you can imagine the challenges game companies face in preparing anything for our consumption, especially...

Skara Kickstarter Alpha Preview

Posted by DizzyPW On June - 24 - 2014
By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)   Skara – the Blade Remains is an upcoming title brought to us by 8-bit Studio. The devs hope to create a new type of game, a “Multiplayer Online Versus” game, which combines the best bits of their favorite genres. The feel of a versus fighting game, the depth of an RPG, the thrill of a multiplayer battle happening all around you, and the non-stop intensity of an action game. The game is already on the final push to release, and now the devs just...

Legion of Heroes Closed Beta Preview

Posted by Jaime Skelton On June - 23 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak) Diamond in the Rough: As an avid RPG fan, I have spent a fair amount of time on my Galaxy S4 (and my iPhone before that) playing mobile RPGs, though generally single player offerings that had no real online content. I have tried a few of the more recent, super popular ones like Brave Frontier. I thought the idea of collecting monsters and heroes like Pokemon was an interesting concept. However, it became incredibly tedious and time consuming, and stopped being fun. It...

Zombies Monsters Robots Closed Beta Preview

Posted by Jaime Skelton On June - 18 - 2014
By Jaime Skelton (MissyS), Senior Editor   Few things inspire Hollywood levels of terror than zombies, monsters, or robots destroying mankind. Hell, we’re pretty sure that’s what half of the summer blockbuster movie craze is all about. With En Masse’s latest offering in Zombies Monsters Robots, you get to take on the role of hero and fight back these non-human beings from whence they came. With closed beta ongoing, we had a chance to get our hands dirty and take down some of this scum...

E3 2014 Recap – Hex: Shards of Fate

Posted by DizzyPW On June - 18 - 2014
By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), General Manager   I had the fortune to book a meeting with Cory Jones, President of Cryptozoic, for the second year in a row to see how his monumentally successful Kickstarter MMO TCG Hybrid project, Hex, is working out. Honestly I had a hard time believing the game that is barely a year out from its initial Kickstarter funding has come so far in so little time. It’s amazing what $2 million can do for an online card game!   The Battles The concept was...

WildStar E3 “The Strain” MegaDrop!

Posted by DizzyPW On June - 18 - 2014
Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), General Manager   It’s not terribly often that major coverage at E3 is offered and then sealed up under embargo to a later time. Talk about a tease walking around the gaming town of Santa Monica for a week with your lips zipped. Or playing WildStar in my free time (just kidding.. no gaming press has free time the week following E3) without being able to say a peep about the horrors lurking in the shadows of Nexus. But I assure you, the horrors are real. And...

E3 2014 Recap – Rising Generals

Posted by Jaime Skelton On June - 17 - 2014
By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), General Manager   I had a chance to drop into InnoGames’ private meeting room to get the first ever gameplay demo of Rising Generals, an upcoming multi-platform mobile title set in the typical InnoGames vein of strategy empire builders. This one in particular though is pushing the genre into the next level of quality and doing so in a setting InnoGames typically avoids, a modern military one. The first engineering feat that sets Rising Generals apart is the...

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Grand Fantasia
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