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Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Review

Posted by Jaime Skelton On March - 28 - 2014
By Jaime Skelton (MissyS)   Diablo III was an average game, damned by years of anticipation and mediocre game design. Fans of the franchise wanted to love it – and we did our best – but issues like the Auction House fiasco, lousy itemization, and uninventive gameplay left us hungering for better. The game left us bitter; almost two years later, some former players still refuse to speak about it. But Blizzard didn’t abandon the community: it marched forward through the great flickering...

The Lord of the Rings Online Update 13 Press Preview

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 27 - 2014
By W.B. Wemyss (Tagspeech)   Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online has been detailing an expansive, interactive chronicle of the iconic high fantasy series for roughly the past decade. They’ve taken players through the Mines of Moria, to the fires of Angmar, and even into the dungeons of Isengard, the white tower ruled over by the betrayer, Sarumon. If all of this is gibberish to you, then you’re not a Tolkien nerd like myself and most of LOTRO’s playerbase. That’s...

Planets³ Kickstarter Interview

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 27 - 2014
Questions by Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF) Answers by Michel Thomazeau, Planets³ Project Director and Cubical Drift CEO     Planets³ is an up-and-coming voxel-based free-roam RPG, similar to titles like Starbound and Minecraft but with a stronger story-driven experience. It is being developed by Cubical Drift, a team made up of individuals with many years of game development experience. Planets³, pronounced Planets Cube, hopes to combine the story-driven experience of RPGs with the free-roam...

Age of Wonders III Launch Review

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 26 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   A Step Back in Time, Destination: The Future As a youth, I spent much of my time at a close friend’s house, absorbing myself in the PC title Master of Magic. In it, you played as a spellcaster in charge of a kingdom, and your goal was to crush the other forces beneath your superior magic skills. Unfortunately, that was much easier said than done. Triumph Studios and Epic Games, among others, collaborated back in 1999 to form the first Age of Wonders game. Several...

SMITE Launch Review

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 25 - 2014
By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), Scribe of the Gods   To say the gaming world is smitten by SMITE is no understatement. Anyone present at PAX East 2012 could feel the magic in the air as the typically shooter oriented HiRez Studios lured in lines fitting of a theme park not to play Global Agenda or Tribes Ascend but rather a previously unannounced “MOBA.” Sure the god graphics were wonky, item placeholders were stereotypical of the genre, and the standard three lane map looked a bit like...

Dragons and Titans Review

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 24 - 2014
By Ojogo     MOBA games have dominated the gaming scene since Defense of the Ancients has sprung in the now defunct World Cyber Games. Much time has passed since then and now other titles have taken the top spot in MOBA gaming that have their own special twist to the genre.   Wrymbyte and Versus Evil have decided to take on the colossal titans in the MOBA scene with their latest title, the F2P MOBA game, Dungeons and Titans. Premise and Gameplay The game revolves around a world in...

Brain Storm Review

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 21 - 2014
By Jordan Hall (ApocaRUFF)   Introduction Brainstorm is an MMORTS being developed by Genia, whose slogan is, “Knowledge-Powered Games.” As that might imply, Brainstorm has a twist that makes it a bit different than most browser-based MMORTS. This twist is a setting where “knowledge is power,” and everything you do will be dependent on that factor. If you like trivia, enjoy quizzes, or generally just enjoy testing your mind, you will probably find some sort of enjoyment from Brainstorm....

Villagers and Heroes Review

Posted by DizzyPW On March - 19 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak)   Hitting the Big Time Villagers and Heroes is an MMO that many people have unfortunately never heard of. It doesn’t have the huge budget that Blizzard is afforded, or the commercial backing that DC Universe Online has with its long stream of comic book connections. It is its own world, both unique and interesting. With the emergence of a new graphics engine and its first expansion (The Fury of the Stone Lord), we have decided it needs a little coverage on the big...

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