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PAX Prime Day 3 Recap – Better Late than Never Edition

Posted by DizzyPW On September - 11 - 2014
By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), PAX Pox Survivor   Late apology to our readers on this one. Life combined with one of the nastiest flus I’ve ever gotten at PAX combined to take me full out of commission at the end of last week. As such I’m just now finally putting words on paper to describe my indie heavy final day visiting the Seattle Convention Center. I wouldn’t normally even follow up this late after the event but one thing gives me motivation to, the Indie Mega Booth....

Dungeons & Dragons Online Update 23 Preview – Mark of Death

Posted by Tagspeech On September - 11 - 2014
By Blair Nishkian (Tagspeech) Sitting down to press events is always a fun experience. The developers come out of their cubicles and talk about the game, show off some features to the press, and quite often act a bit awkward in the process. It’s cute. The DDO devs are nothing if not earnest performers, and clearly love their game and the setting it takes place in. I just wish they were a bit less nervous when presenting things. I haven’t ever heard the utterance ‘uh’ made...

Half-Minute Hero 2 Review

Posted by Jaime Skelton On September - 9 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak) Money Money Money Money Money. . . Marvelous, publisher of such fantastic titles as the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series, plus Fate/Extra and Skullgirls, offers us the sequel we did not know we were waiting for: Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming! The premise of the game is that every major bad guy can destroy the land that you are in, but it takes thirty seconds to do so! Enter the Time Goddess. For a price, the Time Goddess will turn time back so that you can continue...

Dota 2: Techies has arrived!

Posted by Abubakr On September - 8 - 2014
By Mohammad Abubakr Techies has been one of the most hyped and anticipated heroes to be ported to Dota 2. Even before The International 3, Dota 2 players had been looking forward to the release of this hero. With The International 4, it was clear that Techies’ release was close as hinted by the compendium stretch goals. He was finally unveiled during the all stars match at The International 4 along when Arteezy’s sniper pick changed into Techies. That was truly a great moment, you could hear...

Interstellar Marines Alpha Preview

Posted by Ragachak On September - 5 - 2014
By Jason Parker (Ragachak) More Than Meets The Eye: Disclaimer: I understand that this is an alpha. I get that it is in early access. I also understand that this game has been in development for ten years. Early Access has been available for well over a year. I also understand that this is not exactly a huge company and the game is quite the undertaking. But the development/progress has been incredibly slow and for what is on offer (a PVP mode and two “secret” modes that are only really known...

PAX Prime 2014 Day 1 Recap

Posted by DizzyPW On September - 2 - 2014
By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), Cranky Old Man   I’ve been doing this for far too long I tell you. Year after year you get more empty promises from developers and more poorly planned press meetings than you can shake your cane at. If not for the beautiful cosplayers I might have given up already. So clearly I flew into Seattle on Wednesday with dread in my heart. Yet as much as try to suppress it, I still get butterflies in my stomach. Hard to deny hope sometimes. That this year just might...

Strife Open Beta Preview

Posted by DizzyPW On August - 29 - 2014
Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), Professional Complainer   One of the worst problems with conventions like PAX is finding the time to both visit 30+ amazing gaming booths and still provide decent timely coverage on each title and expansion shown. S2 Games got the hint this year and decided rather than gamble the fate of their 2nd generation MOBA, Strife, on the chance that most gaming press would find the time to cover it amidst the spam of news hitting readers of the net, they instead created their...

PAX Prime 2014 – Where have the MMORPGs gone?

Posted by Tagspeech On August - 29 - 2014
By Blair Nishkian (Tagspeech)   All around the world, developers, press, and gaming enthusiasts are charged up for a very special time of year – a time of year when thousands of people cram themselves into arenas, mill about in packs, listen to lectures, watch presentations, and collect souvenirs. It’s convention season. This is the time of year when the whole of the gaming industry puts on their best hat, gathers at a snazzy show, and does their best to dazzle anyone and everyone that...

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