New Video Producer Contest Entries – Week 2 & 3

New Video Producer Contest Entries – Week 2 & 3

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MMOHuts is looking for one more video producer for the MMOHuts YouTube channel! 

We’ve decided to let YOU choose the newest video producer for MMOHuts! In doing so we have created a video contest to select the next contributor.

Here are a list of the entries for week 2 & 3… take a look… see what you think… like their videos… leave feedback.

Top Five New Free-to-Play First Person Shooters!

From undercoverdudes


Top 5 Free to Play Titles

From Batophobe


The Best First Person Shooter Game

From ZeldaHackMaster


Top 5 MMO Shooters to Play

From TheIronJay1



From SuperXero89


 Top 5 MOMs “Multiplayer Online Mini-Games”

From Flam3sTV


Aion Gameplay HD

From SuperXero89


Top 5 MMORPG’s of all time

From erugethewize


Top 5 MMOs of all time

From AlbogaProduction (CHAKUZZ)


Top 5 Identical FPS games PC

From imabeast5672


Gotham City Impostors Gameplay HD

From SuperXero89


La Tale: First Look! MMOHuts Submission!

From MrYawt

Anyone can entire and submit as many videos as they like! To learn more about the contest itself click here: MMOHut New Video Producer Contest



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