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After a long weekend at the San Diego Comicon, I return! For those of you who wait with bated breath for my next editorial, you can have relief at last! For everyone else (read: everyone who is not me), here’s another bit of writing from what’s-her-name. While I was at the convention, I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old friend of mine, Mike Laidlaw (the design lead for Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise), and we got to talking about all sorts of things. Some of those conversations inspired me to write about today’s topic, which is as follows:


It’s everywhere on youtube. From the shrieking German boy who takes out his gaming frustrations on the mouse and keyboard, to the pissy “professional gamers” at various tournaments and households around the world, nothing quite makes a man as angry as losing in a competition. It’s astonishing, really, when you compare the behavior of males competing in athletic sports to those competing in video games, especially when they don’t have to be face-to-face online. The less physical proximity, apparently, the ANGRIER people are able to be. After all, they’re in the privacy of their own homes. No one is around to witness their hissy fit.

17596  360x270 alliance of valiant arms ice map

It’s Easy to get frustrated in MMOFPS Games like Alliance of Valiant Arms

This is a behavior that I generally just don’t understand, personally, but that’s probably because I have a completely different set of hormone levels than the average nerdrager. When I lose in PVP, I don’t care, and it doesn’t spoil my fun, for example. I’ll just stop if it ceases to be amusing, and go do something else. Occasionally I might turn it back on the gankers/jerks/whatever by simply refusing to participate or fight back, and be amused at their confusion when I constantly run into their midst naked and dancing without a care in the world. I’ve actually had some interesting conversations stem from these encounters, and even made friends.

Nerdrage extends even further than MMOs, though. You can see elements of hyper-emotional behavior and anger brewing all over the internet. Sometimes we wonder if those absolutely vile forum posts (decrying an upcoming game as UTTER TRASH because the developers have released a small, limited amount of information, for example) really do represent the feelings of the poster, or if they’re just exaggerating for attention. It’s hard to deny it when some shrill-voiced dweeb is screeching in your ear on vent because you just pwnt him anticlimactically for the seventh time in a row, however. When this happens, I just leeeeeeave them alone.

11181  360x270 everquest 2 gank deers

Getting your raid Wiped in Everquest II or Runes of Magic is even more frustrating

So the question is, dear readers, have you ever been unable to take it anymore and succumbed to the fury brewing within? Have you lashed out at the world around you? Have these games made you so mad you just had to punch a hole in the wall? I’ve seen it happen more times than I’d like! Tell us what you think of the phenomenon of nerdrage, and how it has affected you and those you love. We can beat this, one broken keyboard at a time.

Some Serious Nerd Rage in a World of Warcraft Competition

By, B. Olivia

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