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Many people think of blue skies, outer space, or the rough ground when it comes to strategy warfare. Navy Field 2, published now by Nexon, strives to bring the competitive strategy element found in titles like World of Tanks or World of Warplanes to the high seas, while following in the wake of its predecessor, Navy Field. MMOHuts had a chance to get an early look at this naval combat simulator to see if it can stay afloat, or sink beneath the waves.


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Navy Field 2 offers four different nations to create a character from:  United States, Great Britain, Japan, and Germany.  Each country has different strengths, weaknesses, and general ship types that differentiate them.  Based on a scientific process of choosing the best avatar portrait, we decided on the United States for our testing.  One we chose our country and avatar, it was off to a screen that players will become very familiar with: the shipyard.


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The Ways of the Sea

Once in the shipyard, the first thing we’re presented with is an abrupt battle tutorial.  The game teaches us about basic controls such as movement, camera rotation and panning, zoom, and more.  This simple tutorial even levels our captain up, with a good deal of fanfare, to boot!

We’re sent back to the shipyard after this tutorial, and given instruction on how to level our captain’s stats.  The game features five different stats to improve:  weapon, support, special, aviation, and command.  Unfortunately, the game didn’t provide any information on what these stats do for our ship, only that slots would become available once a certain level was reached.


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Buy, Sell, Trade, Build

Yet another tutorial comes up once we’ve learned about captain stats.  We’re taught about hiring crew to man our important ship functions, based off the skills above and assigning them to their duties to help improve our ship’s capabilities.  In addition, the tutorial teaches us about equipping items, purchasing new ships, and upgrading them.

The shipyard interface is at least intuitive, and it looks really good.  This is important as much of a player’s time will be spent there.


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Sailing the Seas

Finally, an actual combat mission!  While simplistic, this mission teaches the importance of weapon switching.  Each gun on the ship has its own range and cooldown, so proper use of switching to each when available is key to keep pressure on your opponents.

Another important battle mechanic is leading your shots.  Firing where a ship is will only result in a miss if it’s moving, and ships should always be moving in combat, for this exact reason.  There are some tactical reasons to slow down or stop completely, though, so judge accordingly.  This combat mission was also impressive based on the sheer amount of ships our fleet was fighting.  The game supports up to 16v16 play, and with the slightly limited size of the maps, makes things exciting and frantic.


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More to Come

Since our look at Navy Field 2 was an early glimpse, it’s not surprising that the major issue we had was finding other players.  Still, everything in the game after the tutorial is multiplayer, including the game’s campaign mission mode. Being unable to get into neither PvP nor PvE content because no one is playing does present a challenge when trying to get an accurate representation of how the finished product will play.

That being said, the game does show some promise, as the very tactical nature of combat will be a huge draw for naval warfare enthusiasts.  Couple that with the dizzying amount of options for upgrading your captain, and your ship, and you’ve got a hook that will get people playing.  Still, it is likely a game for fans of naval combat at its core, and this may turn many players away.

Want to see more of Navy Field 2? Check out our first look video!

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