MMO Predictions for 2013 – A Rise in More Interactive MMO’s

Games in this Article: Phantasy Star Online 2, Blade & Soul, Eternal Blade, GunZ: The Duel, Path of Exile

MMO Predictions for 2013 – A Rise in More Interactive MMO’s

By Harry Ka-yan Cheung, MMOHuts Journalist

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By my own research, I’ve come to a personal conclusion. This year is going to be one of the years MMOs will take more of a turn compared to the other years. My predictions point towards some of the more interactive games to be announced and released this year.

Path of Exile (PoE)

This game, according to an announcement, was suppose to officially release around November last year, but sadly, more testing and more content needed to be added. This game has the same dark and evil environment aspect Diablo has which brings a very Diablo-like feel to it which attracts many players who want a darker 2.5d type game. This game is referred to on many sites as the game Diablo 3 should have been like.

The skill and stat system is unlike most online game and is in a very unique format. It is almost impossible for two players to be identical unless they are planning to follow a certain route to the mark. The game offers 6 classes but due to the large array of possible paths, the class selection becomes almost unlimited. A player can choose to be a summon-focused templar or an on-hit effects mage. Path of Exile shows good promise and as the date nears, it is definitely a game worth taking a look at. This is announced to be released early 2013.

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An image of the skill/stat builder provided on their web-site.

Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2)

Following up with the first Phantasy Star, which was also very popular with the OnRPG and MMORPG community, Phantasy Star Online 2 has already been released in Japan and players around the world had a chance to try it out. The creators only added to the old PSO without taking what was good already. Don’t change what doesn’t need to be change, right? I personally also took a liking to the game due to the action gameplay and graphic style but because it was in a language I do not frequently speak in, I could not understand most of the dialogue.

This will most likely be run by Sega NA which is doubted to be good by a few selected people but that will be shown by when the game is actually released. I, personally, expect great things to come from the release of PSO2. This game holds up to its name and is one of the most anticipated games this year. The game has been officially announced to be released in early 2013.

A trailer video from Sega America’s official Youtube.

Dungeon Strikers (DS)

From my own theory, Dungeon Strikers has a possibility of releasing this year, as well. My theory is that a company will pick up DS soon in regards to how many people are enjoying the Korean version of the game. The anticipation for this game is rising higher and higher as the days go by but there is still no estimation date for DS. Many online gamers are waiting for an announcement on the release date of this game but there’s yet to be any news.

Dungeon Strikers is another MMO made by the same creators as Dragon Nest. Eyedentity, the developers, state that their plans are to aim at the global market but have yet to confirm news on the EU, Japan, and NA versions. If early localization is possible and popularity is high, I can see this being released mid-late 2013.

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A screenshot of a mage using an AoE spell on surrounding enemies.

Blade & Soul (B&S)

B&S has been one of the most anticipated games for years. The Korean version of Blade and Soul was released and has been active for at least two years now, and the NA version will finally be released this year. Although the information is still very vague, the Blade and Soul team had announced the game for this year at E3 and Gamescom. I personally would like to play Blade and Soul but if another game comes out before B&S does, I’m almost positive that that opposing game will hold more of my interest.

Blade and Soul offers an interactive gameplay style and a very stunning art-style. The MMO offers some very nice eye candy and also shows some of the true possible potential that graphics can bring to a game. The gameplay has a small downfall, as it is not as interactive as some other games (like Vindictus), but the stat system and combo system of Blade and Soul are some of the main attractions a player is looking for. The biggest downfall is the likelihood of the game being a pay-to-play game.

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An image of a swordsman using a skill.

Eternal Blade

This is my personal most anticipated game. The game is set to be run by Gpotato. This game looks like it will have a lot to offer to a player and shows a lot of potential. There are to be a 6 character class selection choice and the gameplay is very interactive. I see this as one of my personal favorite games in the future. The graphic style is very refreshing in my opinion(I enjoy the more animated graphic style) and the gameplay is very fast-paced.

The staff of Eternal Blade has made a post of no speculative dates as of now and there is no news as to when the game will be released. My guess would be that due to how long the site has actually been up, the release will be from early-mid 2013. Eternal blade has not been out for long in the other versions but it should be closing in on a release date due to the obvious website put up by gPotato.


An in-game screenshot of Eternal Blade.

GunZ: The Second Duel

I wanted to add my 2 cents about GunZ: The Second Duel. This game holds a lot of potential. It’s very different from the first GunZ and is also not an FPS. The game already holds many Co-op and AI-type game modes and offers a player many modes to play with. The only problem is that there is absolutely no news for a NA version of this game. GunZ: The Second Duel holds a lot of unique features but shows no real sign of localization. Even on their main site, it only states the release date for the KR version. My personal guess is that if this MMO does release this year, it will be mid-late 2013.

image009 620x343

A screenshot of a player wall-running and shooting.

Final Note

I personally think that this year looks more promising than last year. There are many games I look forward to as well as I am looking forward to play. Of course, some of these dates are in speculation but non-the-less, the probability of the said games are of high expectation.

You can also check out the MMOHuts Most Anticipated Games of 2013 video to get more ideas for what games to look forward to playing and us covering.

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