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It’s difficult to imagine MMORPGs without their primary means of organizing the playerbase into functional groups; guilds. This function might go by many names across the MMOverse (clan, supergroup, family, corporation, fellowship, etc.) Most people just refer to their in-game organization as a “guild”, regardless of the title. What’s interesting about defaulting to this word is that “guild” is such an archaic term, people generally assume you’re referring to an MMO group when you talk about your totally awesome raiding guild (not that you’re some kind of modern, card-carrying viking). So, maybe the proliferation of the term isn’t such a bad thing going forward.

3911  360x270 ragnarok online guild banners

Guild Banners in Ragnarok Online – Every game has a Guild System

Most of us who play MMORPGs with any frequency have likely been in a guild at some point. Perhaps it was a large, organized guild centered around getting through the game’s high-end content. Maybe it was a smaller guild of close friends, or people with a niche interest, like an RP guild. Maybe it was an organized, highly sophisticated gank-squad. Whatever the case, most people will agree that being a part of a larger group within a game that shares your interests and helps you progress is usually more fulfilling than simply soloing everything. Most games these days make it impossible to achieve the highest levels of accomplishment in the game without grouping or socializing in some fashion, making the guild even more important to the serious MMO gamer.  Large scale PvP in many free to play MMORPGs like Perfect World and King of Kings 3 usually revolve are guild vs guild battles too.

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Battle of the Immortals PvP involves clan vs clan Battles

At any given moment, a single MMORPG might have hundreds, even thousands of guilds. Most of these will be small, and inconsequential; completely off the radar of most people in the game. There’s always the top ten, and the two or three gigantic guilds that probably form some kind of rivalry, and whose internal drama becomes a source of local headlines for the rest of the community. With guilds being so numerous and important, and most of us having been involved in one at some point, I wonder, how many of us have ever shored up our sleeves and taken a stab at actually managing a guild?

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Jade Dynasty Features a Guild Alliance Territory Control System

It’s something I’ve done on many occasions with varying degrees of success. The activity is akin to herding cats, and once a group reaches a certain level of size, the responsibilities and headaches start to grow exponentially. Real-life, personal charisma, patience, and other leaderships qualities really do help out in managing a guild, either as leader or officer. Running an MMORPG guild is a ton of work, and is really a labor of love. People are loud, dramatic, often adversarial little creatures that just refuse to get along with one another most of the time. One thing I’ve always wondered is if I should put my guild leadership experience on my resume at some point. I think it’s a valid reference for my ability to manage large groups of people, even if it’s only remotely.

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Aika Offers Both Guild Battles and Faction Battles

Have you had any experiences leading or assisting in the management of a guild? How big was it? Did you enjoy the experience, or was it a hellish nightmare you couldn’t escape soon enough? Did you focus on PVP or PVE? Of course, if you have any very ridiculous tales of internal drama to share, please do. We want to hear about your experiences!

By, B. Olivia

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