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We’re back from a brief hiatus, back to exploring the Holy Trinity of MMORPGs! So we’ve taken a look at the healer and the tank, and it could be argued that beyond those two, you technically don’t need anything else. I mean, don’t they exist simply to make content possible for the other classes? Why make any other classes at all? Probably because that would be terribly boring. After all, who wants to live in a world without MASSIVE DAMAGE?! No one, that’s who! So this brings us to the face-melter of the MMO world; the Mage!

4135  360x270 flyff mage

Mage Class in Fly For Fun

There are plenty of ways to deal damage to an enemy. You can hit it with a sword, you can smash it in the nose with your shield, you can blast it with piddly little holy magic nukes… or you can completely obliterate it, mage-style. Whether you’re a warlock, a necromancer, an arcanist, a loremaster, an elementalist, or a plain old magi, making things die swiftly, easily, and often en masse is your cup of tea. It’s your thing. It’s what you do. And you do it better than anyone else (and if you don’t, then someone needs to be nerfed, or you’re out of job).

Sure, you could just make a party of all tanks and healers. And you’d probably do just fine. But the dungeon would probably move at the pace of a crippled snail, and if anything is for certain, it’s that the average MMO gamer’s time is a precious commodity. Mages might be tired of other classes claiming to be more useful, claiming that DPS (that’s damage per second, for the uninitiated) is a dime a dozen, and that being good at blowing things up is akin to being good at hitting the broadside of a barn with a baseball bat. Well… nothing could be further from the truth.

1165  360x270 4story mage

Mage Class in 4Story

There is nothing more useful in a group than a smart DPSer. Someone who knows not only how to bring on the pain, but how to control the flow of pain like a spigot, and be able to pay attention to their tank and healer to know when to disengage, or tune down the hurt. DPSers need to have just as much situational awareness as their limp-wristed, weak-hitting companions. When they do, things go buttery smooth, and the more pain the DPSer can responsibly bring, the quicker everyone gets to that delicious loot at the end of the tunnel.

On the flip-side, there is nothing that can ruin a group’s day quite as badly as a reckless, heedless DPSer. You all know the type. They pick their own targets, seemingly at random, and spam AoE attacks regardless of danger. They die every pull, through some miracle, even when the tank is trying so hard, and then demand a resurrection and heals to sustain their lunacy. Never a good time for anyone. I can’t imagine the reckless mage is having much of a good time either, but that doesn’t seem to ever stop them from engaging in heroics and craziness. In games where the wait to get a party might be longer than usual, you’d think the DPSers would mind their manners and be on their best behavior almost all the time in groups. Fortunately, they do! Bad DPSers aren’t as common as good ones. Usually. Depends on the community.

25856  360x270 mytheon mage class

Mage Class in Mytheon

Blaster masters of the world, unite in pride. Don’t ever feel like you need to re-roll as a healer or a tank just because you’ll have less competition in the LFG scene. Pick the class you love best, and pick the playstyle you do best! If that just happens to be slinging fiery/icy/lightning-y/acidy/shadowy balls of death at enemies, then more power to you! Literally! MORE POWER! More power is better! Let’s not forget that unlike tanks and healers, DPSers have the benefit of almost always being effective in PVP, regardless of ‘spec’ or gear. Nobody likes a giant wad of damage in the face.

Are you a mage player? Do you like it hot? Or cold? What flavor of pain do you prefer? DoTs? Nukes? Maybe even debuffs? A combination? Share your MEGA DAMAGE stories, and let the comments section be your damage meter!

By, B. Olivia

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