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At the end of November, Outspark launched its Linger City update for Luvinia Online. The new update included a raise of the level cap to 95 (from 89), and a brand new area with new equipment, quests, monsters, and storylines to explore. MMOHuts took a private, magical tour with GM Mercury and GM Refresh to see some of Linger City’s magical new areas.


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Luvinia continues its storyline in the Linger City update by returning to the conflict between humans and gnomes, once begun by the gnome’s slavery of humankind, and humankind’s eventual fight for their freedom. Players are drawn in to assist the tenuous relationship between humans and gnomes by building trust with the gnomes once again to guard against greater dangers.


Linger City is the new home of the gnomes, once a refugee city after the war. A beautiful place, Linger City also is home to the tragedy of many, including Mafago Leafsong, the Holy Messenger of the Gnomes. Mafago seems to blame himself for the tragedies in his life, including the loss of his brother, Gnome Council Elder Loudres Yage, during the invasion of Silver Leaf City in the Silent Woodlands.


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Our second destination, the Silent Woodlands is a contrast of dark and light. Where the sun touches, one might mistake the forest as friendly and peaceful. In the shadows, however, lurk dangers and the depressed souls of the lost, who are no friend to the wandering player. These souls once fought in the war and are now lost, as the forbidden magic of Loudres had doomed the gnomes as well as their enemies, and tainted the forest forever. Here, too, are the ruins of the city, where crueler souls reside and will quickly bring down the unprepared.


There are more peaceful places, too. In Antonia, one might find a tree that stands as a symbol of love. This exuberant tree had been planted by Leah Yage, Mafago’s daughter, and her love Olong Windforest. Alas, their tale, too, ends in tragedy caused by war and heartbreak, but their tree lends beauty to the surrounding region.


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Our guides next took us to the Ivory Tower, where players can get to work restoring the relationship between gnomes and humans. Players may set to work to return the Gnome Guard, an heirloom of the Gnomes, to its rightful owner. The Think Tank director, Esudy, can be of help to players – if they can help restore the balance in the tower first.


What’s also new in the Linger City update? A new floor of the Abbes dungeon awaits, the Abbes Acropolis. Players will no longer need to search for their equipment – instead, they can upgrade their equipment by collecting Ancient Magic Cores from Hackel Fire Stone in Abbes Acropolis. This new equipment will level up with the player and can continue to be upgraded over time. The new equipment will also support Star Cards, a new expansion to the card system that supports Embedding, Transformation, Synthesis, and more. These cards can only be obtained in the new Linger City and Abbes Acropolis areas, but will offer players some of the most powerful boons in the game yet.


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Return to Luvinia, or start a new adventure, at Luvinia’s official website!


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