Guns & Robots – Full Review

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Guns & Robots – Full Review

by Harry Ka-yan Cheung

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Graphics – 3/5 The graphics are pretty good for, but there’s no customization to these graphics. They’re all preset and there’s hardly any difference between the lowest and highest settings.

Gameplay – 3/5 From my own experience, I can say the gameplay is not bad due to customization and a few special features but it’s still just a third person shooter.

Community – 0/5 It’s non-existent. There isn’t anyone to play with and there’s no chat to communicate with unless players join a battle. I couldn’t even find a friends list.

Customization – 4/5 The customization is great. It just costs a large sum of credits.

Store – 1/5 The prices are absurd for just purchasing parts but it does allow players to purchase extra free parts.

Overall – 2.2/5 I don’t think there’s much to say. It has many bad points that the good points can not make up for.

Full Review

Guns and Robots is a third person shooter type game with cartoon graphical styling. The game revolves around players developing their own robots and bringing them into battle against other people’s robots. The only game modes are set to 2v2 or 3v3 (I’ve never experience more).  A player’s robot’s parts can break and will not be functional for the rest of that round. I, personally, find this as a pretty neat idea.

Brief First Impression

When I first saw Guns and Robots, I had high hopes. A game I could play on the side on-and-off with no feeling of commitment. I might have been right if the game didn’t feel so bland. I got on GAR(Guns and Robots) and went through the tutorial, and played a few matches, but there are things that need fixing. When the robots break down, or when a player’s guns run out of energy/ammo, their basically a sitting duck. To say the least, I was disappointed in what could been a very good game. Once I decided to get back on to try it once again, I was never able to find other players and even when I was able to find players, our wait times would be absurd because the population of the game is so low.

Low population 428x500

Robot Variation

A very strong point Guns and Robots introduces is robot customization. GAR allows players to make robots very different from each other. The robots that players create can be customized down to the attachments to guns and wheels. A robot may look tall, skinny, fat, or short; these variations will change the hit box for that robot.

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Breaking Parts
Players are able to aim at parts on a robot to break the part so it cannot be used for the remainder of the round. These parts are mainly the guns and the wheels. If the wheels are broken, a robot may not move but a robot may still shoot. A robot without its guns can try to find a repair kit on the map, but the chances of getting to it before another robot kills them are low. The best strategy is to go for the wheels because then the robot cannot move and players can even leave that robot there while going off to fight others.
Breaking Down 620x454
The Shop
The shop is, obviously, where players buy parts for their robots. The prices range from free to 210,000 credits. The cheapest thing is 3,450 credits. Parts are needed to be put together with other parts to make a very good robot, and I personally feel the prices are little outrageous. 3,450 credits does not sound bad, but it does when players find out players only make about 30-100 credits a round. These rounds may be fast but the minimum amount of rounds players would be forced to win is about 35 rounds for a single cheap part.
Shop Preview 594x500
Guns and Robots provides a cash shop system that a player may use to obtain large amount of credits. This can give an absurd amount of advantage to players that purchase credits compared to one that does not. I was pit against a player who was buying credits, and this player’s robot took on my whole team without moving and killed all three of us flawlessly, and ended the round with a 3:0 score. This type of cash shop makes a game very unfair. Once I saw the unfair advantage, I was discouraged to play anymore.
Credits Cost 389x500
The graphical options in GAR are ranged from “fastest” to “fantastic.” I thought there might have been a big difference seeing as there are about 5 more graphic settings between those two but I went and tested both settings in the tutorial map and I did not see very much of a difference. The only wide variety of major settings I see are the ones revolving around controls; nothing else seems to very customizable.
Graphic Difference 620x330
Head over to the Guns & Robot’s Game Profile for more information, screenshots, and videos!
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