Gundog – First Impressions

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Gundog – First Impressions

By Harry Ka-yan Cheung

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Gundog is a third person shooter that features players playing as… dogs. The game is pretty much a typical third person shooter except for the fact that the players are dogs. There’s not much that’s very notable about this game. There are some slight glitches and lag spikes in the graphics and the gameplay is pretty fast. At the moment, the player base is small and I don’t see it increasing very much unless Gundog offers more features in the future. The graphic styling is very cartoony and friendly for those who enjoy cartoony graphics which isn’t bad at all. I think the thing that gets at my nerves is the fact that players are playing as dogs; I find it very strange and unappealing.


Gundog provides a tutorial for many situations. The tutorials are actually very useful to new players who don’t have very much experience with shooters. The tutorials go in-depth into controls, items, gameplay, and understanding the interface. Players can choose to finish every tutorial or do none of them at all; it is completely up to a player’s choice.

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Provided tutorials



The gameplay is very typical. The most common mode is a death match, where the goal is to reach the kill count as a team. There are a few differences in map layout from different shooters to other shooters and Gundog has nothing to offer that is different in terms of gameplay. My sensitivity wouldn’t respond correctly, which is probably a bug in the game, but the main issue is that nothing felt unique or new. I think the only thing that may be different is the fact that if a player decides to run, the player’s hit box decreases because their character gets on all fours.

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The most notable quality of Gundog is the graphical art style that resembles a cartoony – or comic-like – resemblance. Lately, there have not been many games that have tried to adapt a comic-like art style and it is nice to see Gundog take up that challenge. The art style is very clean and isn’t hard on the eyes. In my opinion, this is the best aspect of Gundog. The graphical glitches I mentioned before will probably be fixed after beta-phase; most of these glitches being collision or hit box on dogs and weapons.

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Dog down! Dog down!

Scoreboard & Map

The scoreboard provides a little more information about other players than other shooters do. The scoreboard shows a player’s name, gun, rank, clan, and statistics. A player can access the scoreboard by hitting tab which also brings up a map which can will shows players where their friendly unites are. This can be quite useful if players are trying to find out who is doing best with what gun.

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Scoreboard display

Guns & Shop

Every gun in Gundog also features a different dog as opposed to just a different gun. Each gun’s cost is pretty cheap and during beta testing, a player could choose to purchase every gun without having to drop too low in gold. Like most online shooters, Gundog has two sides – “The Union” and “The Empire” – and these two sides have different dogs for the same guns. The statistics of the dogs also vary slightly from one another. Some players may prefer another side’s sniper more than the other. In every game a player enters, it is likely that many players will differ from one another because every gun offers a different dog to go with it.

Guns 620x340

Empire Gundogs (Left) and Union Gundogs (Right)


Graphics – 3/5The graphic style is nice. There’s nothing wrong with it. I think a few things could be fixed, but for the most part, I think the graphics could use an improvement if anything.

Gameplay – 1/5 Gameplay is generic. There’s nothing Gundog is offering as unique or different.

Features – 1.5/5 I was a little lenient on this. The main reason is the fact I see some “unique skill” system that may be added later (or maybe already added and requires a higher rank).

Community – 2.5/5 The community is pretty interactive. Being a shooter, not everyone is completely friendly but from what’s provided, the community is growing slightly.

Overall – 2/5 I would advise any players looking for a shooter to stray away from Gundog. It’s a generic third person shooter that doesn’t really provide players with anything new. If you love dogs, comics, and third-person-shooter lover then Gundogs may be for you, but for the most part, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from Gundogs.

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