Greed Monger Q&A – Executive Producer Jason Appleton

Greed Monger Q&A – Executive Producer Jason Appleton

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Greed Monger is an upcoming Kickstarter funded MMO with a focus on crafting and player communities. We were lucky enough to catch a quick Q&A with Jason Appleton, executive producer.

Check out their Kickstarter page!

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Q: Could you tell us about your role in the Greed Monger team?

A: I am the Producer and Lead Designer of Greed Monger. Otherwise known as ElectricCrow on our forums.

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Q: What kind of gameplay can players expect from Greed Monger?

A: Our camera will wheel out from first person to 3rd as to be expected and to make it easier to maneuver in PVP or decorate inside your house. There will be a lot to do in Greed Monger from crafting, estate building, decorating, PVP and PVE etc.

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Q: Is there going to be significant content for players who almost exclusively wish to partake in PvE?

A: Yes, there will be a lot of options for people to go hunting realistic wild life up to gruesome creatures in the Volcanic Lands. We will of course continue adding new monsters and things to hunt as time progresses.

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Q: We’ve been hearing that the Greed Monger world is all about being shaped by groups, or individual players. Could you tell us more about this?

A: Greed Monger’s world will be created and built by the players, though community buildings will be guided by the game as players are prompted to begin construction of a building in certain locations and the player community will all chip in on supplies and materials.


Q: What sort of role will real currency play in the in-game economy?

A: None. You buy parcels for real money, you sell parcels for real money. Other than that, the game is completely focused around virtual currency in game.

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Q: Can you give us some details on the land ownership and crafting systems?

A: There will be player owned land which is broken up into 20×20 meter parcels which players will be able to purchase for $20 each. These parcels of land will enable players to build 3D non instanced housing, shops and other buildings. After the Kickstarter campaign, players will be limited to purchasing 4 Parcels each with a Free To Play account. Players who opt into the optional $10 per month subscription will have their parcel limits increased to 10 Parcels. If the player ever leaves the game, they will be able to auction off their estates for real cash at which point we will take only 15% of the total fee to transfer ownership permissions of their estate to another player.

Crafting will be a very diverse system with our goals being that no two crafting recipe books will be alike. As players begin in a new crafting skill like, they will be presented with recipes available for their level as a base. The recipes and or plans will have multiple options that players will lock into their book after creating one of them. What’s more, players will be able to combine random materials for completely unknown finished items. Some useful, some not. This will add a great deal of diversity and exploration in the crafting system. You may combine a wooden board and a pile of deer dung and find that you made a Female Repellent on a Stick! The only way to know is to try and hope you don’t fail!

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Q: What can we expect in ways of player competition, PvP or otherwise, and how will this impact the world of Greed Monger?

A: PVP in Greed Monger will basically be a way for players looking to test their abilities against each other to do so while also enabling them to stay competitive. There will be Faction based PVP as well. After launch we will evaluate where PVP is and find new ways to add elements to it to continue adding to the experience and goals.


Q: What can you tell us about Greed Monger’s technological progression feature? Will we really be able to go to space, and to other planets?

A: None of the has been started in development yet as we are working on the first planet, but once we have launched, we will have a group of people working to add more recipes and content to the base world with others working on the new planet. Let’s just say there will come a day when the community has found a means to unlock space travel which will allow them to colonize another planet.

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Q: Do you have plans for post-release content?

A: God yes. What we launch with is merely the beginning of what’s planned.

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Q: Any words on a release date or an eventual beta?

A: We are working towards an April Alpha test for Kickstarter Backers that will help us determine a more public Beta date. This will help us get people using our systems and give us feedback on what we may need to change, add or take away.


Check out the Greed Monger housing demo video and website 

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