Girls Play MMORPGs Too

Alright, for some of you, what I’m about to divulge is going to blow your mind. For others, it might be old news. This has been the elephant in the room for online gamers since as far back as MMOs began, and perhaps even as far back as video games themselves. It’s been a divisive, hot issue that few are willing to discuss openly. Some of you may simply plug your ears and hum, even now, denying this fact and remaining stuck to your old perceptions of the genre, but I assure you, this reality is true and inescapable.

Girls play video games.

For those of you whose heads haven’t exploded (perhaps you have a girlfriend or family member who plays, perhaps you, I don’t know, are FEMALE), this is no surprise. Yet it continues to absolutely astound me how often young males online are completely dedicated to the perception that women playing online games is a myth, and if it isn’t a myth, that the women playing online games are solely PVEers, they suck, they always roll a healing class, and they are always glued to their boyfriend in game. What the Hell is this, 20th century Saudi Arabia?

12548  360x270 jade dynasty miry

Miry in Jade Dynasty. Miry is 100% A Man.

As a woman who frequently solos, PVPs (and will kick your ass), and plays independently of her boyfriend, this perception kind of bothers me. I don’t mean to get all ‘ra ra’ feminista, here, but there’s something innately irritating about an entire class of individuals sternly denying your very existence. So for the record, I repeat, I enjoy PVP, I am as hardcore a gamer as they come, I like making cool builds, I think healing classes are boring and unrewarding primarily because SOME PEOPLE cry and shout and blame the healer constantly in a group if things go south (never mind that Mr. Tank doesn’t understand aggro mechanics or mobility), I like to tank in PVE, and I am a female member of the human race.

I won’t deny that there are a LOT of girls on MMORPGs (primarily games like World of Warcraft) who fit that obnoxious online gamer girl stereotype – rolls support classes, kind of sucks at the game, never touches PVP, manipulates guys into buying her stuff in game, acts like an attention whore, and generally just takes advantage of all the hormonally addled twenty-something males through the simple fact that she’s verifiably (verification procedures may vary) female. She may or may not also be fat, kind of ugly, lazy, sad, and generally smelly (or reasonably attractive in a kind of deformed, odd, Felicia Day manner). I’ve known girls like this. They irritate me as much as they irritate you, believe me. Don’t let their wiles ensare you. Don’t let their delicate Disney princess complex get to you. There are obnoxious classes of women just like there are (oh god, there are) obnoxious classes of men online.

27833  360x270 runes of magic miry

Miry In Runes of Magic!

The point of all this is to open the reader’s eyes to the fact that the internet and MMOs are not solely comprised of Caucasian males between the ages of fourteen and thirty. It is a far more diverse online world than many Caucasian males between the ages of fourteen and thirty realize. Open your heart to the possibilities, and for the love of god, stop defaulting to masculine pronouns for everyone’s character regardless of avatar gender (you know who you are). It’s annoying. I’m going to start automatically assuming everyone playing is a girl, just for fun. Any girls reading this, I advise you to do the same. Guys too! It’s hilarious. Example:

To [pwnzdood]: “ugh, I can’t play like this, sorry for the wipe… cramps. Don’t you hate that? I mean you want to play, but nature is like ‘noooo you must ovulate’”

[pwnzdood]: “lol wut? I’m a guy”

To [pwnzdood]: “stfu, there are no guys online, lezbo”

It can go on and on, with thrilling, often fascinating results. A little note that I find interesting; I’ve met more girls (PVPers and all) playing Age of Conan than any other MMO I’ve touched. That’s right, blood, boobies, and testosterone attracts women. I can testify for it, myself, being a big fan of sexiness and awesome Conan-esque bloodshed. Are you a girl, or do you know a girl who plays and doesn’t fit the negative online gamer girl stereotype? Tell us about it! Spread the truth!

By, B. Olivia

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