What Was Your First MMO Experience?

Hello all MMOHuts readers! I will be publishing a new editorial every week asking you to name your best, worst experiences in online gaming and I will ask you to leave your experiences and views on the topic of the week. I am very interested to hear your stories, and please feel free to put forward an idea for the topic in next week’s editorial.

I thought a good start point would be: What was your first foray into an MMO? What was the game? Were you any good at it? Did you enjoy it? Did it put you off online gaming or spur you on to playing another game?

kos secret operations main close combat

K.O.S. Secret Operations Gameplay Image. Basically a free version of Counter-Strike Source.

My first foray into the MMO genre was a mixture of two games. The first was ‘Counter-Strike’. Quite possibly the greatest MMOFPS ever created. While I was terrible at it, (think suicide nading in 3/5 throwing attempts and you see what skill level I was at) it was a great game for me to atleast enjoy as a young kid. It also showed me how competitive I could get while playing. I distinctly remember the jubilation I felt after fluking an across the map headshot against a player leading the game. I still get that feeling even now, after each and every kill. And ‘Counter-Strike’ probably single handily created my love for the first person shooter genre.

cross fire containers

Cross Fire Gameplay Image. One of the many free to play Counter-Strike clones out there.

My second foray into the genre was the MMORPG ‘Dark Age Of Camelot’. This brought me to realise the sense of pride and accomplishment I could get from these games. I had a ‘Valkyn Berserker’ named Tkarr (named that after I hit the keys at random with my eyes closed – as a ten year old kid that is a good system to create a name) and I have never felt as much achievement as I did when I managed to get him to level 10. To most players this would probably not even take 3 hours of game play, but to me it was my own personal achievement. The community was also incredibly friendly, and after joining a clan I really felt a part of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

dark age of camelot main laser

Dark Age of Camelot Gameplay Image. It was originally released October 10, 2001

So, there are my first experiences. What about yours?

Write down your first experiences of online gaming, and also suggest a new topic for next week’s editorial.

By, Alexander Webber

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